Health groups urge action on vaping

A group of health organizations in Canada is telling federal party leaders there’s an urgent need for vaping products to be given the same advertising and flavour …


  1. Legalize pot but ban vape flavors that keep people from smoking cigarettes that wrecks their health 1000x more than nicotine vaping. Eh Canada? A crisis? You people are under the microscope cause this isn't 1950, we SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR LIES media that are in the pocket of tobacco lobbyists.

  2. 1 incident does not make a strong casual link. I'm not saying we shouldn't ban or regulate but we should probably gather more evidence and examine more variables before we do. Addiction is a concern but at least it allows people to get off harmful cigarettes.

  3. So what should they call something that tastes like watermelon? I mean the main ingredient will be a watermelon flavor substance of some kind after all. E cigs does help people quit smoking. It did me. Now I’ve dropped to 0 nicotine. Kicking e-cigarettes isn’t as hard as quitting tobacco cigarettes

  4. This is BS. Put warning signs on every single boxed food. Make sure there isn’t any cartoons on it or anything fancy. No food colours, no nothing. There should only be vegetables in grocery stores. Get rid of anything that isn’t whole. Nothing made by people. Get rid of TV shoes and Movies because it’s not reality. That just influences kids to be criminals and bad people. Get rid of it all! If people want to hear music, they’ll sing or whistle etc. If people want to watch movies, they’ll just imagine shows in their minds. Just think! If we get rid of everything that isn’t real or influenced by anything other than the bare essentials, people would be cured of all things bad, right? If all we did was behave like single celled organisms, we would just be all a bunch of perfect working machines. We wouldn’t be creative in a sense of influence rather in a sense of organization.

    Leave the minions alone! Jeeeeze…. Go pick on Alcohol or Pornography. Lol

  5. Okay, so an estimated 12.6 million people vape in the USA, there are 380 hospitalizations and 7 deaths… so you have a 0.00003% chance of being hospitalized from vaping, and a 0.0000005% chance of dying from vaping.

    An average of 100 Americans are killed by guns a day in america, which makes you 0.0001% chance of dying a day from gun violence, with that percentage upped when living in more dangerous areas.

    This isn't journalism, and it's not informative. This is fear mongering and I'm very disappointed…

  6. more tobacco company trolls lol cigarettes are still killing thousands. no ban on cigarettes ever! lol these people are funny. is vaping harmful? no doubt, they need far more studies. but the reaction to the deaths is hilarious! lol no reaction to the thousands of COPD patients or any lung disease patients, let alone the heart attacks lol give me a break lol be fair and honest in the reporting. tobacco companies are insidious sociopaths. they target children in underdeveloped countries for jeezuz sake lol

  7. I would agree with the high level of nic vapes, and vapes that are easily concealable which is what attracts youth to them, and the advertising, however reverting back to the smell and flavour of cigarettes would be a step backwards for the people who have quite cigarettes. The flavours have helped me disassociate myself from cigarettes.

  8. how isnt the same with booze? they advertise jack daniels, captain morgan and beer on TV, nobody care. they even sell flavored alcohol. it is also an addictive drug. VERY HYPOCRITE OF YOU.

  9. All these vaping headlines are nothing but an agenda. They fail to mention deaths linked to vaping are due to people vaping thc distillate cartridges.

    People dont have the patience to read articles. They just see headline and assume its ejuice.

    People have been vaping for at least 15 years. No reports of deaths and serious illnesses, but now there is a bunch all of a sudden?

  10. There are many ultra-fine particles that, when inhaled, cause irreversible lung damage. For example, some people use silica wicks. Wouldn't that cause silicosis? I don't vape, but I do care more than most about air quality.

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