HARVEST Day 89 Dutch Passion "Think Different" Legal Medical Marijuana Grow

Harvest Day 89 since seedlings planted in the Earthboxes. Legal Medical Marijuana Grow in Washington State. 6 Think Different Autoflower plants from Dutch …


  1. I love your set up!someday I'll have my shit together like that.sugar leaf…I know a great recipe for "cannabisque" super green with some zucchini and tad basil and cream run through a blender for like 10mins…yummy shit dude.

  2. Thanks man! great idea, I do have the needed ingredients to make some BHO. Think I'll take your advice and do that since I have a bunch of sugar leaves piling up!

  3. I like it very much and so does everyone who tries it that I've talked to. Its strong and tastes really good. The high last 2-3 hours. Great stuff! Its basically AK47 if your familiar with that.

  4. Yeah its good. I'm growing another round right now and will probably grow more after that. It tastes and smells good and provides a strong long lasting high. Everyone that tried it liked it and a couple close friends said it was the best I'd grown in a long time. The current round is producing much smaller plants though, so I'm disappointed with them, but if the smoke is as good its ok.

  5. Thanks man! This is my first grow with the strain and the Earthboxes and I like them both alot so far. The smoke is strong and more sativa influence than indica it seems to me. Really like it. Tastes pretty good too. Those Earthboxes each hold 2 cubic feet of medium and 3 gallons of water/nutes in the reservoir. Simplest system ever. I put airstones in each one to keep it aerobic. Fill up the reservoir once a week at first and every 2-3 days after they get going and thats all there is too it!

  6. Whats your problem? Roop? Go troll someone else's vids! Six plants not "sexteen". 18oz, 90 days start to finish, averaging 3 zips per plant. Not bad at all imho.

  7. I hope mine don't go that long. Luckly I had a chesse going and she got done early. So I'm good for now, lol. I have my light's on a 20/4 cycle. I really think thats the best cycle for auto's. As for the video. I don't have a good a video camera, but my next gorw I will for sure post some videos. Oh and thanks for props on my user name. 🙂

  8. Over 100 days, that'd suck lol. 89 days was painful enough. I had mine on 20/4 most the time, but left it on 24/0 several times accidentally. If you can post a vid of your grow let me know, I'd like to check it out. I have 7 more going right now I'll be posting vids of. Great name by they way!

  9. Today marks the 75 day mark for the 7 I have. All of them are doing great. I figure I got about till the end of the month. Then they should be done. Some of them are lagging behind. So gotta make sure I don't pull them to early. I have also read that some of them are going 100+ days. I'm not sure why? I do think it's cause 'they' have the light cycle shorter then 20/4 or 18/6. I can't wait to pull these lovely ladies.

  10. Thanks man! Was yours all the way done? I've seen 75 days a couple times and 95 days too. Mine was kinda in the middle lol. One of mine I should have harvested about a week earlier though. It got a little bud rot towards the end I had to cut out. The others seemed about right, but haven't smoked any yet, so not sure.

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