Growing Cannabis With Dr. Earth 12/3/19 Update.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. In this video I top dress the Photoperiod plants & show you whats going on in the 4×4 Autoflower tent.


  1. I am doing an outdoor grow, but still in a 2 gallon pot. It's looking a little lacking in fertilizer. I put only about 1 and a quarter tablespoon of the veggie and herb stuff in there. You think that'll be enough? I didn't want to overdo it as it only says 5 gallons on the package and not 2.

  2. Do you have a feeding squedule you can share. I’m doing photo periods and started using Dr. Earth dry amendments. I gave my first feeding at the ratio you suggested. Would like any input as to how often you feed during whole cycle. That’s and hope to hear back.

  3. Waddup!!! Just wanted to say I like what your doing keep it up dude! I also have been using dr. Earth for a few years now, it's great! have you ever tried making the doctor Earth tea? the instructions are on the bag it's pretty easy and simple! UNITED WE GROW!!!

  4. You have a schedule for the photos week by week by chance for feeding? I'm used to autos, any help would be greatfully appreciated. I planned on using the 5 gallon pot all the way through.

  5. I just moved my photo plants from a solo cup to 3-gallon pots, I started with liquid amendments. Do you think that I will be able to switch to dry amendments? ( if a flush them) also, do I need to go to a bigger pot?

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