Growing Cannabis Outdoors – Episode 7

The cultivation of medical Cannabis may or may not be legal in your state or country. Caligreen insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of the activities …


  1. Hey. Check out my garden videos.. I'm growing outdoors no pot.. planted straight in the ground. Second time iv ever grown. Iv used tomato nutrients and fish emulation and seaweed. Plus molasses. How do my plants look ?

  2. honestly where I live mars Hydro has a pretty horrible reputation. Not sure why exactly 'cause led is not at all my field of expertise. That being said, I've also heard they improved lately but are still a few years behind the state of the art. Do you know how they compare to Kingbrite in terms of efficiency and value for money?

  3. Put* and bro I luv ye but coming from someone with experience growing outside you can put those bad boys in the shadier spots n they’ll blow up especially with your climate

  4. Cali she dont look bad at all! Thing is growing so good and she wont start flowering for another 2 months that’s crazy! I’m about 2 weeks away over here in Michigan

  5. You're great!
    Love to follow you!
    Have you ever grew Orange Sherbet Auto?
    Would you consider to grow one?
    I'm curious about the strain and there's not much info about it.
    Keep up!
    Stay safe!

  6. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I learn a lot with your videos! One question: I gonna start a auto grow and I’m thinking use soil mixing with coco what do you think about ? Cheers!

  7. shes looking great!! what srain is she i have a plant abut 4.5 feet right now that looks just like yours ive been trying to identify this plant for about two months and still not positive on what she is

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