Grow Guide: How to properly cure your cannabis or medical marijuana

Have you ever wondered how to properly cure your cannabis? Has curing gotten the best of you when storing your medical marijuana after it’s done drying?


  1. Depending on the pack size you have might have to add 2 packs. Read on their website.
    Boveda 4 gram: 7-14 grams of medicine.

    Boveda 8 gram: 14-28 grams of medicine.

    Boveda 60 gram: 112-450 grams of medicine.

    Boveda 320 gram: up to 5 pounds of medicine.

  2. there's always that old school farmer that wants to teach you how he has cured for a long time and then shows you this jar like the one in the vid with that golden amber color which looks like weed that was dried too quickly and quite larphy.

    if you know what I mean.

  3. So I dryed our 4 autos and one was to close to the vent in the tent (lesson learned) lol so had to chop it down day 4 of drying it due to snapping stems I jarred them and they smell like grass , do I have any chance on curing them down to 50% and regain some dank smell? They are currently sitting around currently sitting at 55% atm they were aired 3 times today , all other plants dryed for 7 and 8 days and smell AMAZING my first success with some dank autos 😀 just wanna know if I air these out even more will it help or should I leave the lids on to sweat them a bit like say for a whole day then start airing them again 2 or 3 times a day until it reaches 50% humidity? Or will the smell just be weak and maybe just press it all into rosin or make edibles , Thanks !

  4. Long cure buds lose 60 to 80% of their potency,ask me why I know.40 yrs. experience says these youngsters are telling you what you want to hear.Long term cure is actually the plant material reaching its final stages of decomposition,which all plant material does,returns to which it came,dirt,or hummus.Trichomes shrivel and contain little or no active oils at all.I have searched years for the perfect cure and time is definitely not your friend.The natural acids which consume the chlorophyll also slowly remove the THC stored in the rapidly degrading trichomes.I am not a scientist,but I promise will find for yourself if you cure over 30 days.The weed needs to be smoked asap or turned into edibles,or its a complete loss.Try it if you don't believe me.Willie used a humidor to keep his product viable. Buy one if you plan long term cure,it helps.P.S. tell the big growers to stop with the genetic changes,its affecting the buzz with their good smell and taste.We call it fools bud,and the market is flooded with it.

  5. Very helpful, thanks! I'm harvesting now. It's only my second crop ever and I live in the desert where it's very hot and dry. Last year's crop dried to a crisp in two days. It was still usable, but barely. It was so harsh that I ended up using it for edibles. This year I purchased a portable evaporative cooler to put in a small room where I could bring the humidity up and the temp down, and I have Boveda packs and hygrometers for my jars. Knowing the right levels that you gave in this video is exactly the info I was looking for. This year should be much better! Thanks again!

  6. nice vid thanks as i got 2 plants drying at the moment .. Got a question . Why not put the bud in an air tight jar thats not clear glass ? .. Beer get put in amber bottles so can you put weed in amber bottles and not have to keep them in the dark ?

  7. Hey Bro. thanks for the video but just to make sure others/newbies don't mess up you said once your buds are completely dry then go to jars,,,sorry but (and I think you know this but just didn't clarify) the stems should snap as you say but the bud should only be about 40 percent dry, leaving around 60 percent moisture in the buds, that is the amount of moisture you want to end up with in your buds, yes the stem should snap, outside of buds should feel dry.

    Also one other thing to mention is that you said if you smell mold when you open a jar to dump it and dry more but didn't mention to get the mold out of the batch, if you don't cut the mold out and throw it away you will be sorry, not to mention sick if you smoke it.

    Good video

  8. 🤗✌️👩‍🌾🌺🌱💯 thank you for the most outstanding curing process it was very easy to follow along and understand 💃👌I definitely like the idea if not feeling them the jars full and allowing some air flow through the itself 😉 I was told it was called burping the jar twice a day which I guess is the same thing unfortunately I haven't reached that yetI am almost there yay I can't wait that's going to be an outstanding fun day 🤸🌺🌱💃👩‍🌾💯‼️‼️‼️😳😳😳😊 I need to go back and review some of the other videos thank you again for such awesome growing techniques and an easier approach to growing 🌱🌺 peace out for Oklahoma much love and the best flour produced ever each day ‼️😳😳😳👩‍🌾💯💃🖐️🤗✌️👌

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