Episode 31: She Beat Cancer With Cannabis Oil, After Being Given 6 Weeks to Live

In April, 2012 Joanne Crowther of Vancouver, BC was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and given a dire prognosis: 6 weeks to live. She discovered …


  1. Could she just add CBD oil on the days she can't take the cannabis oil to protect her from the seizures and that way she can stay on the THC and maybe continue doing the cannabis oil every other day. Just a thought.

  2. Let's start a class action law suit against the us government. They new since 1972 cannabinoids cure cancer, but was telling us how much more cancerous it is than tobacco, I like the brain damage study they did on monkeys. They strapped a gas mask to a monkey and gave them nothing but cannabis smoke for fifteen minutes with no oxygen. They did prove that lack of oxygen causes brain damage, but we already knew that. Apparently cannabis protects brain cells.

  3. I have a melanoma cancer that has gone from a tumor in my leg to my lymph nodes close to my groin, and lymph nodes in my lungs…I have three tumors growing on my left leg, one on my right thigh…and I am now coughing up blood in the morning…I am buying one gram of CBD RSO that comes in a syringe that is pushed out the size of a grain of rice. it is a very sticky goo type stuff. I put the grain of rice size portion in a veg cap for my chronic pain due to the tumor that caused nerve damage in my left leg. I have been taking it for 3 months now…my cancer has metastasized since I had that first tumor removed. The grain of rice size is clearly not enough. I definitely need to take more but I can barely afford 35 dollars for the RSO @52 % CBD and 16%THC that lasts a week. I guess I will die for lack of money. wow. This really sucks to hear this. I am glad this woman had the money to kill her cancer…but what about the poor? I cant afford 217 mg CBD/ 217mg THC.

  4. Hey guys my name is mark seidel. Im a 40 yr old. A year and a half ago i was diagnosed with chrosis of the liver from hep-c. My atl was through the roof. I took the cure zepateir. The cannabis help with the side effects that were horrible. I decided to try to make my own rso. I obtained a pound of indica flower. Within 2 months i was out of chrosis and down to fibrosis 2. In a nutshell the scaring and inflamation have gone down. I was told i would have hep for the rest of my life. Well i havent had a problem sence i started taking cannabis oil. Thanks guys!!!

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