1. We certainly need to blame the FDA and government policy for part of this. Makes it ridiculously expensive to bring a drug to market and locks out a lot of niche stuff which could otherwise be profitable.

  2. Dr. Gedde, We love you and you were by far our favorite doctor to work with while we lived in Colorado. You taught us so much and we are now advocating for legal access to this medicine in our home state.

  3. I just moved to Maine and it was the greatest decision of my life. Home prices are still some of the lowest in the entire nation, auto insurance is the lowest in the USA, people are friendly, finding a job was easy, the scenery is absolute nirvana and recreational marijuana is legal for all. Growing weed and loving life. Much love from beautiful Bangor, Maine!

  4. My cousin died from morphine overdose. Two of my aunts died from cancer. Pharma and GMO corporations should be EXTERMINATED for the genocide those greedy filthy scum perpetuate.

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