Dispelling Myth in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation w/ Bell, Lowenfels & Konjoian

Recorded at IndoExpo Portland 2019 Colin Bell – Mammoth Microbes Jeff Lowenfels – Teaming with Microbes Peter Konjoian …


  1. Leaf stripping is without question a none issue. Guess I'm done with this guy hes a idiot. Indoors there is zero problem with leaf stripping and it is clearly beneficial to the plant I've done a ton of side by sides. One plant being leaf stripped and a identical clone not being stripped. The plants I strip always by far yield at the very least 33% more.

  2. Somebody tell Jeff that when you are getting 3 to 5 pounds per 5×5 area of high quality medicine indoors, especially with the price bottoming out, that yeah, it makes sense to take off the solar panels. If he can show me how to do the same keeping them on, I am more than happy to listen and pay.

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