Differences between Indicas, Sativas, Ruderalis, and hemp

In this video we will be talking about the many differences between indica, and sativa cannabis plants. As well as explaining what a Ruderalis cannabis plant is, …


  1. I do not smoke at all.. I am not against it I just never got into it.. and I cannot for the life of me understand how in free America we outlawed a plant. I love this damn country but sometimes man…

  2. I am using a Bio-manure in Hemp Farming, having following ingredients and am getting bumper yield and wonderful results every time:

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    4. Bio-consortium: 10%
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    5. Vermi-compost: 10%
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  3. I stopped actually smoke when all you could find were indicas. Due to quicker harvest, more product, I guess no one planted sativas any more arround here (Croatia)
    Dont soke for like 15 years now. Lighted a joint maybe 5 times in all those years, indicas still going strong….

    Sativa is all the way for me

  4. which plants produce seeds tho? I'm so confused on this specifically… I smoked some herb once that had seeds in it so I guess that was a hermaphrodite plant? But if male mj plants are hemp then do they not produce cannabis seeds?

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  8. Hemp is not worth smoke you said…Ha I think you need to try some quality high CBD hemp. You WILL re edit this video, and especially mixing it with weed.

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