Cheech and Chong Talk Marijuana Legalization

Pot heroes Cheech and Chong appear on CBS’s Washington Unplugged with Bill Plante to talk about their new comedy tour and legalizing marijuana. Chong …


  1. Lower classification on marijuana a good start as they have it ranked with cocaine and heroin and it's not alcohol is even worse and it's not addicting to smoke marijuana either so much just not right that needs to be changed.

  2. I hate when people compare marijuana to alcohol when measuring danger. Alcohol is a neurotoxin that causes you to lose will over actions and unable to perform psycho-motor skills (such as walking or reaching to grab something). Cannabis (marijuana) is a naturally occurring plant that is cultivated for it's flowers that possess a mild-psychedelic, mood-enhancing, and muscle-relaxing compound called THC (Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is very similar to that of anandamide which is an endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter. THC binds to cannabinoid receptors where anandamide normally does; this results in the "high" involving interesting alterations in perception (vision, hearing, scent, touch, taste), euphoria (intense state of happiness/contentment with life), relaxed muscles and reallocating memory causing heightened creativity and problem solving.
    That is what marijuana REALLY is.
    Me. (Stoner Possessing a High IQ Who Has a Loving Family and a Bright Future)

  3. Legal marijuana will probably happen pretty soon. I live in Texas, Brownwood lake lost 15 foot of water in just 10 years. Americans build life on power. The truth is the ozone layer is more important.

  4. I share that seem thought, I've become a much peaceful, happier person ever since I started smoking 2 years ago.

    I think all the time, if everyone was smoking this, you could literally trust in strangers, as the world would become a friendlier and happier place.

  5. I'm Catholic, and is far as I know, the church has no real objection to legalization. Only the possibility for over-indulgence which of course is gluttony. It is seen as a vice like tobacco, but the church has no real agenda on either side of the legalization acts.

  6. on the matter of the "black market", have you noticed that since alcohol is available in stores, you almost never hear of people actually looking for moonshine or making their own. the fact is that people are kinda lazy. why grow your own pot or search around and talk to shady people when you can just go into an astablishment and buy some and know exactly what your getting. hell, how many people do you know that grow their own tobacco?

  7. tax it like akerican cigarettes, put warnings like cigarettes and alcohol, and sell it in stores behind the counters just like cigarettes. it's not complicated. you don't hear about mass robberys for tobacco and alcohol, so what would make you think it would happen with pot?

  8. robert drake, taxing marijuana and putting warnings on it is actually an awesome idea. and to be fair, they still bootleg alcohol, and there aren't gunna be holdups at marijuana stores because stoners aren't violent.

  9. Don't go asking to tax it, what a phucking stupid idea. They'll tax it the way they tax cigarettes in Canada, that won't get rid of the black market, we'll have people breaking into cannabis store and hold ups.

  10. my observation is cheech looks bad man…like does his age really matter..? is it possible he jus got ugly..? lol i mean my greatgrandma was 95 when she died and she aint look like that bro.

  11. Just so glad my state is one of the few that sends you medical marijuana! I don't need it for medical use but my aunt was getting it before she died.Pre-rolled and in a metal container packed straight up.I remember my aunt sitting outside smoking one when I pulled up.I sat with her and she opened up the round tin and said "go ahead get one or two and try them out".It was some smooth bud.A lot stronger than I thought it would be.RIP Aunt Beaty.(even after her death the state sent 2 more tins!

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