Caterpillar Killer for Marijuana Plants

hey friends, so I had no idea what to title this video, I hope it makes sense. The point is, spray your plants before your crop gets destroyed. We’ve had pounds …


  1. Wow girl you and your man husband you two are amazing 😍🙌😍❣️ let alone so damn cute oh my 😇🙏💞🏵️🌿😎‼️👍 and on top of it all you guys are like us in Oklahoma 😂laidback having fun and really truly caring about your cannabis plants 🏵️🌿😎‼️‼️‼️💕💃😁🤗😳😳😳oh my gosh I'm just like you girl I want to cry I've got caterpillars and I'm first-time grower and I have been pulling 16 to 17 worms a day off my girl misses Zeppelin ‼️🏵️🌿💯🤸 OG Kush baby OG Kush yay I'm highly ecstatic that I'm in week 5 of flour 😳😳😳🏵️‼️💯🤸💕👍 but I'm trying to go totally organic at this point should I cut my losses and go ahead and and flush to keep the bugs I have left 😕🤔🙄😏😒😌😌😌 I'm really totally confused 🐸👩‍🌾😬😬😬‼️🏵️‼️💯😌 I love the way that you to do your video it's so outstandingly funny sweet and very informational more than you I love the fact you truly love your cannabis and have a great time growing 😳🤸💕👍💯😘☀️ great luck with all of your crops keep posting you two are hilarious 🤗🌸🌿🙏💞💃😎☮️🌏 a lot funner to watch than the other damn videos on YouTube ‼️😳😳😳💃😎🤗🌸🌿😘☀️⚡ peace from OKC we are we are legal and growing strong ‼️😳😳😳💃🌸🌿💪✌️

  2. the sun will burn your actual plant with liquid on it if its over 80 degrees…. (same for leaves and roots) water in roots for a hot day will cook your plant from the bottom…. i have this issue now with the cat pills and well i have to buy this stuff to find out if its true…… (spraying each other with chemical pesticide is fuckin stupid…..) not all that down with growers/people that are into that…..

    show your bugs please
    show dead bugs after use

  3. I get the whole "organic thing" but I dont care if the cure is radioactive and known to kill small amounts of OZONE with each use. I want something that is going to make them feel pain before being killed dead twice!

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