Cannabis market opens up in Ontario

Ontario is removing the cap on pot shops in a bid to clamp down on the number of illegal stores. Individual companies will be allowed to own up to 75 retail …


  1. I love how Canadian tax dollars have funded this failed business and lifestyle while kids still go hungry all over the country. Slam dunk for the government.

  2. 'Ganja must be free' – Lee 'Scratch' Perry
    The Market wants to expand. So be it.
    A thousand LP permits to be given in 2020 please, not 50-100 FFS.
    Let the free market and the consumer decide. Like any other commodity.
    I want to see craft Organic Concentrate specialty stores . LOTS of them.
    Come on Ontario. It's a shitshow here in Quebec .
    May thousands of unique Legal Dispensaries bloom.

  3. Greedy Ontario government wanted to corner the market by opening their online store first and then creating all kinds of friction, churn and red tape for the competition or…. I could surmise that their motive for doing things that way was to protect the interest of "good friends" involved in the black market!!!

  4. Actually the government's plan was to make alot of money and I will only go to the black market until they let the small time grower get into the market. Get the big grow corporation's out and reduce prices and let the ma and pop shops succeed.

  5. Once it’s legalised everywhere it no longer puts money in the hands of criminals and law enforcement can now focus their efforts on catching real criminals. Saving millions in tax dollars not having to pay for so many prisons. The constitution is printed on hemp paper. This should have been legal from the beginning

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