Cannabis legalization & Oaksterdam on Geraldo at Large

Geraldo speaks to Jesse Ventura in part 1 of this clip on the potential legalization of cannabis in California. Part 2 contains clips about Oaksterdam.


  1. i love jesse, it was awesome when was governer here in minnesota, though i dont agree with everything he says, i agree with most of his views, he is real, sincere and trustworthy, unlike many of our representitives.

  2. @ajf5291 wrong wrong wrong- marijuana use can be determined within hours – most cops will tell you the smell is enough to convict in most cases to make an arrest if the person is showing signs of impairment! – driving while high usually makes a person more alert and cautious hence the very rare drving while high accidents reported by the DEA and police studies- your "facts" are completely baseless!

  3. @hunclemike . I said that if you make a living selling dope(weed) and they legalize it, where do you turn? Jessie "The Body" Ventura said it himself @ 1:48. I think that these dealers will try to sell harder things, whether people buy them or not is another issue. I'm all for legalization and enjoy some fine, organically grown buds afterwork everyday, but never use hard drugs. We may be the exception to the rule. I guess we'll see who's right if it is legalized for recreational use, huh?

  4. Chavez has built Russian AK 47 factories in Venezuela to profit from the huge demand for weapons that arm the druglords from Peru to Bolivia as well as Colombia, Nicarauga, Guatemala, Honduras and YES, Mexico.

  5. @Soldier25FA
    Not to the very last detail. Truth is that 90% of the guns used by the druglords are maufactured w/out serial #'s. 10% of weapons confiscated have serial #'s, and 90% of those w/ #'s are from the USA. Just thought i'd set the record straight.

  6. I dont believe in legalising cannibis. As Jesse says"once you make it legal then the criminals will have to find something else". I should add that making something illegal does not make it dissappear but it does restricts its use to those that seek it and does not become readilly avaliable to whoever wants to try it. And if Grass is not as harmful as you say then let that be the illegal drug teenagers try. After all the fact that it is not legal is half the fun. Better that than somethng harder

  7. Now there is a guy with common sense. People need wake the fuck up on this issue. Just as he said for all those parents worried out there PARENT do your damn job and keep a watch on your damn kids thats all there is to it. Shit I know many parents that don't watch their kids as it is so its there own fault if their kids get into trouble.

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