Cannabis legalization & Oaksterdam on Geraldo at Large Part 2

Craig Rivera visits Oaksterdam and reports on the ethics involved in the fight for legalization.


  1. 16 and walking into a candy store to buy a joint? really? if it was legalized he would need to show ID in order to get it, now during prohibition he just has to show the drug dealer the money. speaking as a 17 year old average american high school student i can say that marijuana is way easier to get than alcohol. i personally don't indulge in that sort of activity but i get offered weed probably once or twice a week and alcohol maybe once a month. legalize and keep it out of kids hands.

  2. thank you, Reverend….:) geez, ain't Cannabis horrible, that among other benign side affects, one just might be euphoria? yeah, Mother Nature and civilizations past DON'T know what they're doing!:D an innocuous plant that gives more than it takes? that's CRAZY!!;) wanna know what's crazier than that? MONEY. black is white, up is down, shark are swimming with dolphins due to it ~ shit does not make sense. some fucker took bribes 72 years ago, and look where we are today…. fuckin PROGRESS

  3. the bullshit from this society gives me a headache and breaks my heart ~ Cannabis is my medicine for that, okay? only "noobs" get high…;) fucking bobble-headed idiots and their pretentious laughter ~ if it were legal "a sixteen year-old" would not be able to buy it "at a candy store." what kind of moronic statement is that? do people not understand the legal provisions of booze and raw crank [whale, your sixteen y.o COULD buy that;)]? when you can't handle either, you get thrown in jail!

  4. Just like he said at the end, "would you be worried that your son would get oxycontin from a doctor?" No you wouldn't, because doctors REFUSE to give CHILDREN pain medications, unlike DRUG DEALERS who don't care what age you are!
    For the sake of the Children: LEGALIZE IT

  5. Its bullshit people that use marijuana don't start to use other harder drugs because they need something stronger or because pot made them its because they are idiots and want to try something new. As for a 16 year old getting a joint from a store thats just idiotic. A 16 year old can't just walk into a store and get tobacco or alcohol so why would it be different for marijuana. That is just a stupid reason to be against it.

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