Cannabis Legalization & M.O.R.E Act: Best POLITICAL Strategy for Democrats & Republicans?

Cannabis Legalization & M.O.R.E Act: BEST Strategies for Democrats & Republicans? | Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC… Subscribe To The Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC …


  1. Besides cannabis ruining the opioid industry, hemp can ruin other industries as well. Hemp is used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, and biofuel. These senators will never allow it to be used fully, because it takes over other industries. Damn Republicans.

  2. Dude!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I’m in the Air Force and there’s a bunch of us in the military that hate drinking and miss smoking weed. My last deployment (a few months ago) I had to work alongside with the Canadian military and I asked a guy how has federal legalization affected the Canadian military and he told me not only are they aloud to Mike cannabis now but they are also aloud to roll joints on base as long as they are off work. They treat cannabis just like alcohol. Don’t show up to work high/drunk. Cannabis is soooooo much safer!!!!! I witnessed guys come back from deployments and drink themselves into trouble/divorce and also not to mention all the pills the VA shoved down their fuckin throats. I FULLY SUPPORT YOU AND I WILL MAKE SURE THE HOMIES SUBSCRIBE. Please roll a blunt, hit the bowl, smoke a J for me right now!!!!!!!!!! 😂 God Bless.

  3. Best strategy for the Donald is on November 1st, legalize through executive order and have a couple hundred rioters arrested on terrorism charges that the federal government has been following since the riots broke out.

    Now the Democrats can’t say anything about marijuana, it’s done. As far as the riots go, that shows huge pros for the Donald.

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