Cannabis for Autism: Stories of Hope

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  1. Fantastic stories – which would reach more people if the godawful background music was removed or at least turned down. C'mon, who needs all that dramatic noise when the stories themselves are so amazing? And so difficult to hear properly over the "music"?

  2. OMG!!!! Can't stop crying after watching this video. Not just because the story of their recovery is beautiful; but because we have people who'd rather put them on pills(costly for parents), slowly killing them, then they would to inform them of natural options, that you can grow FOR FREE!!! The world is cruel my friend, cruel I say.

  3. It's completely nonsensical and unacceptable in this day and age to continue to ignore the fact that canabis doesn't just help these people medically but it literally saves their souls and the souls of their families

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. MARIJUANA SAVES LIVES! It saved mine! I wouldn't be here without it, I was diagnosed with autism 5 years ago, without weed I wouldn't be here now, that simple. It saved my life, I promote it to anyone with Autism, it helps me live a confortable, constructive life.

  5. Cannabis has such a calming effect, I'm not in the least surprised it would help with autism. It helps my bipolar symptoms greatly, and I do not use enough to get high; just enough to help calm me and put me in a better capacity to cope. I actually use it to combat severe pain & inflammation due to autoimmune disease, but a wonderful "side effect" was the mental health benefits.

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