Cannabis Extraction and Distillation – How to Make Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis extracts are a big deal. If you’ve ever hit a dab rig, puffed from a vape, or eaten an edible – you’ve experienced cannabinoids that have been extracted …

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  1. Go the despencery buy extrac for dabbing. Take the extrac that was bought, put extrac on parchment paper, get a skillet, get a parnax class plat.
    Put extrac that is on the parchment paper Into the parnax glass. Set parnax glass in the skillet, fill the skillet up with water , to the edge of parnax glass, but not to let the water overflowing into.
    Turn the burner on the stove and place skillet on stove. Let the water boil,,, as the water starts boiling you should see the extrac on the parchment paper that's in the parnax glass
    The extrac will start bubbling really quickly and then slowly no bubbles. This extrac will turn runny. Thins out extrac so any trapped butane or others will finish bubbling.
    Take the parnax glass out of skillet. Put the parnax glass that has extrac on and put in freezer. Go back and forth with skillet to freezer each time the skillet method heat release more butane or others and the freeze will cause a condensation. As the plate thaws out this water washes the extrac. Do not scrape the frozen extrac, the extrac if scraped will shatter into the air as flakes, let the extrac thaw out , pour condensation water off extrac. Use this condensation water . The oil and water will seperate after sitting,
    If this bubbling happens from store bought extrac for dabbing this is what makes a person cough in the wrong way.
    This why I make my own extrac I know I wont cough and the flavor is several at once than just one taste from store bought extrac.
    If you're a grower outdoors try this. Pick out a branch. Cut the flower of the branch, this branch is still part of the stalk, remove branches, take these branches, start hand twisting the branches and fold up . There will be a watery oily start running down your forearms. Let this keep getting on arm and hand . Each time a branch is squeezed like this the watery oil will.
    Start caking up. Dry the juice on your arms blowing and flapping arms. This when drying is a hash get a knife and start scraping off the blobs of hand hash.
    Immediately get medicated or let age for months. Get your space cadet helmet on lol cause you're going places lol

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