1. It literally hurt my eyes to watch. As a film major, I could make a lot better of a film documentary on the evolution of cannabis with only using like 100$ or something. trash, wouldn't recommend. No real visuals, looks like a cringey and no budget youtube video.

  2. I watched this video on Hulu. It's a very broad and basic overview of the benefits of marijuana. They lost me when the narrator badly mispronounced "cannabinoids". (31:40) Nice effort though, with lots of stock footage video.

  3. THIS VIDEO NEED to BE FREE and go out to as many people that can see it  – or are they, ( Big Pharma, Alcohol , prisons ), charging so not to many people see it 04/20/2020  EVERY cannabis supporter should drive onto a street – highway – bridge – stop get out of there car – BLOCK all Roads until the Federal Government takes Cannabis off the Schedule 1 drug status list – AT least lower it –  I think it should be completely legal …

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