Cannabis as Preventative Medicine & Cannabinoid Cancer Treatments

Cannabis in Canada Director, leading Canadian cannabis activist and founder of the MMAR Coalition against Repeal Jason Wilcox speaks with J.B Brad Scott, …


  1. Politicians invested in Big Pharma and Big Oil is the problem. Cannabis can replace most of if not all Big Pharma drugs. Hemp can replace alot of man-made fibre. Pols won't do anything to hurt their income.

  2. I think the biggest problem with cannabis is that our politicians are all invested in Big Pharma and don't want to do anything that will affect their stock portfolio. Cheap affective and you can grow it at home. Anyone see the problems we face?

  3. I don't think that GW Pharmaceuticals or their insane intentions to patent the cannabis hemp plants medicinal use, will actually have much impact on everyone's ability to produce these natural life saving extracts. Cannabis is a plant that we have used throughout history and I feel that no one actually has the right to patent the use of any medicinal plant, so as far as I am concerned GW Pharmaceuticals can take their patent and shove it in some deep dark place where the sun doesn't shine. Since I will continue to produce these extracts no matter if they are able to patent this plant or not, for in reality the cannabis plant belongs to us all and I will not allow any drug company dictate to me what I can or cannot do.

  4. Cannabis oil does NOT cure cancer lol. Fuckin snake oil salesmen trying to con people out of their money! This bullshit of trying to spin Marijuana as a cure for cancer is the WRONG way to push for decriminalization! Marijuana can help to treat the symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment such as chemo. I watched my cousin die of Ewins Sarcoma and we got fucking BLAZED on a daily basis for 15 years! Don't buy this bullshit hype! My father died of throat cancer in his 40's and he was a user of cannabis for YEARS!

    You don't spread misinformation to push an agenda or turn a tidy profit! Not only that, most of you need to WAKE UP and understand that marijuana in it's pure smokable form would have the SAME effects as some bullshit tonic! The only reason they synthesize the plant is so they can patent it and SELL IT TO YOU! Not because it makes it somehow more pure! They can't just patent marijuana in it's pure form. Use your brains! And shame on anyone for spreading this shit!

  5. It's good to know that at least some qualified individuals, are beginning to make sensible statements concerning the medicinal use of these extracts and in the near future, governments will no longer be able to deny their citizens from freely using these life saving cannabis extracts, to treat their own medical problems in a safe non addictive harmless manner.

  6. Has anyone else noticed that whenever a medical professional gets cancer the FIRST thing they do is start looking for alternative cures? They know chemo and radiation kills more people than cancer does.
     Of course the health minister is ignoring you…she's not a medical professional and has no medical training. Shes a patsy!

  7. Cannabis in Canada Director, leading Canadian cannabis activist and founder of the MMAR Coalition against Repeal Jason Wilcox speaks with J.B Brad Scott, CEO of Canadian Cannabinoids Inc at the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Conference in Toronto.

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  8. Man the hate on THC needs to stop. How can a neuroprotectant damage your brain. I think it protects our brain from all the toxins we are exposed to on a day to day basis. So why can't people under 25 consume high THC? I do not get this hate. 

  9. I like how he used 'medicinal' rather than medical. Good job referring to the U.S. patent before attacking legislation. Adding in powerful testimonials from across the board… Excellent excellent interview!

  10. He talks about a developing brain….he also talks about it being in Mother's milk…hmmm. Someone is still spewing some propaganda, if it's good for you as a baby and as an adult, seems common sense would tell you that people who intake it during maturity…I'm thinking it might help?

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