Cannabis: A gold mine or nation wrecker? – Citi TV Documentary

Frema Adunyame in this documentary explores the benefits or otherwise of Cannabis also known as marijuana. In the documentary, she engages key resource …


  1. The documentary says the attention is on medicinal marijuana which is not smoked. However, getting to the end of the documentary, the journalist is giving the advantages of smoking marijuana but not talking about the disadvantages and adverse effects of the same. It looks like the attention was on that than the medicinal marijuana that was intended. Give us violence rates and mental health challenges of the same cities that have legalized and are using to make the discussion meaningful. We can't even control gold mining licenses but we deceive ourselves into thinking we can control marijuana growth by issuing licenses.

  2. This is the best commentary i have always been expecting. Is true about the asthma. My friend told me but I said is a lies. But i can't stay away from him. I'm always happy with him when he goes to ghetto and come. Marijuana is sold in tabachi legally in Europe. It is illegal to sell outside without certificates. And don't sell for people without documents and without giving receipt

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