C-60: The Miracle Molecule for Biohacking Pets, Hair Loss, EMF, & Cancer W/ Ian Mitchell #300

Ian Mitchell is an absolutely brilliant researcher and quite the mad scientist, but he’s also very spiritually minded—one of those rare humans who combines …

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  1. Excellent Podcast 🙂👍 #Yes2Meat. #MeatHeals. #EatMeatSaveThePlanet. #RegenerativeAgriculture 🌎🐄🦀🐑🦐🦌🍤🦆🦞🥩🥚🐟🦴🧀 😋😋😋
    Mono Crops suck the life out of the earth!
    I will never support fake meat, lab meat, or processed food!!!!!!!
    Demand USA Beef
     Petition to Immediately Pass Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling for Beef, Pork and Dairy Products.

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