1. say whatever you want – but weed is a plant. making it illegal is like making dandelions illegal. the argument should go no further. making nature illegal is beyond retarded. it is an attempt to control. f*ck the controllers. smoke 'em if ya got 'em. cheers.

  2. Yeah but the shit you smoke all day is grown by criminals and is full of fungicide and pesticide, legalise it and get some quality control or better yet get the right to grow your own plants in your own backyard.

  3. As more learned people speak out for marijuana, eventually the myths, the lies and the misconceptions will be exposed and people will realize that it's no more dangerous than having a few beers.

  4. Well actually, it costs the government more money to keep people in prison for marijuana related crimes than they make off of fines. So, our country would save money by legalizing it. And it will happen one day. My guess is within the next 30 years.

  5. it's not gonna happen for 3 reasons 1. the government makes to much money off of it. 2. to easy for people to grow it so they can't tax all of it. 3. the government is full of retards

  6. the voice of reason is everywhere. Why not listen up you dumb self righteous turds and quit persecuting harmless people. In my "Pot sales 1 through 9" videos of our open lawful marijuana sale downtown Vancouver Canada you will see the nicest people purchasing pot and no one else is bothered by the open sales, including the police. August 9th 2009

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