Bill Maher on Marijuana Legalization, NORML 2002

Speaking in San Francisco to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws annual conference in 2002, comedian and talk show host (now-“Real …


  1. 16 years later…and it's my "hope", things are changing in the right direction. The "conspirator" in me says, they ain't building all those new prisons that sit empty for nothing. New "laws" may come into effect…only time will tell. Bravo Bill…bravol

  2. If i could meet one person in the whole world, dead or alive.. it would be Bill Maher.. Too actually see that we have this one person, so strong minded and realistic on our team, in a war making the drug that kills nobody legal, makes me PROUD of being a marijuana smoker… Bill Maher you are an inspiration to all of us..
    sorry for my bad English, im Norwegian.. I hope everybody out there can live in peace..
    My best regards too all of you..

  3. Pot of Dreams
    Inspired by Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams

    If you plant it, she will come!
    Outlawing POT is just plain dumb!
    We may not know who father was.
    But Mother is waiting, like she usually does.

    Love and Awe, Lora B

  4. I'm for the legalization of all drugs with penalties for irresponsible use. Similar to a dui penalty for example. People are gonna use regardless and jail isn't gonna work long term and is a waste of taxpayers $. This does NOT mean that drugs like crack and meth etc. are gonna be sold at the corner store, that is stupid thinking and a huge misconception. Legalization DOES NOT mean all drugs will be available like beer is.

  5. Ron Paul for president 2012
    He wants it legalized!
    (BTW Maher LOVES Ron Paul and is a 100% supporter)

    Register republican today so you can vote for him!


    Spread the word! Share the truth!

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  7. i always thought bill maher was a complete douche bag and prick until i saw this… he really suprised me with how coherent and logical he was. def. have mad respect and 100% agree with everything he said.

  8. I just fucking LOVE the internet . . . I never really realised how fucking amazing it actually is . . . I mean think about it . . . and just imagine what we're gonna have in 15, 20 years . . . shit I'm high

  9. No of course not, yet they keep these outdated in ILLOGICAL laws in tact so they can MAKE MONEY OFF OF US! On fines, lawyer fees, court cost and cage time. So it's all about F*CKING MONEY A**HOLE. And the "children" you claim to be protecting, well ALL OF US THAT SAT IN CAGES BECAUSE OF YOUR LAWS WERE CHILDREN ONCE!! what we don't count? THEn GIVE ME BACK MY TAX MONEY ASSHOLES!! THAT YOU USED TO PUT ME IN CAGE!!

  10. What really gets me about the marijuana laws is that do these people in our government actually believe that the people that work for NORML, or it large membership base or the hundreds of Decriminalizing sites and the 95% of musicians and artists that use this plant, really stopped using it because they make it illegal?

  11. i just got suspended from school for 45 days over a fuckin 5 sack. And they feel justified in gettin me busted, thinkin im supposed to change my life now as if my life is all fucked up. even though i am a good kid

  12. @deadithink But by the same token, the lazy, violent people who "do nothing with their lives except, smoke, drink and do dirty marijuana" were almost certainly like that before they ever took their first toke. You're using a rather unfair double standard to make a baseless claim.

    I smoke weed, and I'm in college doing just as well as my sober counterparts. There's just nothing wrong with a nice fat bowl to end your day.

  13. @twombles58 I was replying to someone else. And what you said just adds to my short list of reasons. I like all those poins, I will have to keep them in mind. This is youtube, I ran out of characters, and I didn't want to comment over and over haha.

  14. @deadithink "My point is: I'm trying to get a real, non-gimmicky, intelligent response to why marijuana should be legalized. I have gotten not a one; it seems that you potheads are too stupid to come up with anything."

    #1 What reason should it be illegal? [I haven't heard one good reason for this from anyone]
    #2 Making it illegal doesn't stop use, it just criminalizes use.
    #3 It is much less dangerous than alcohol, would you try to make alcohol illegal too?
    #4 Less access for kids to get it.

  15. @choec I have no problem with marijuana, one of my best friends used it to get over depression. My problem is with pothead losers who just do it for the fun and not some religious experience or to treat a disease. They do nothing with their lives except, smoke, drink and do dirty marijuana that's been messed with. I have met few people who have not fit this description. The nonviolent, pensive people that marijuana supposedly creates were all like that before they started toking.

  16. @deadithink forgive me but i see many idiots that actually say stuff like that and mean it. I umped the gun and got pissed. I am not what one would call a pot head, but i get pissed sometimes. I'm a medical marijuana patient so sorry. To me this is not much of a laughing matter which is why I didn't catch the sarcasm. No offense man, but I get peole who say stuff like that and are not joking. Thank you for catching me on that. I didnt mean to be a kill joy on you. No sense of humor on my part…

  17. @DagwoodTheGreen Yeah, because I am a real person expressing my honest opinion online. (Do I really have to type 'sarcasm') There's no harm in responsible adults drinking, but hey, everyone's not responsible. And Cannabis leads to other drugs, just like kiddy porn leads to child molestation.

    My point is: I'm trying to get a real, non-gimmicky, intelligent response to why marijuana should be legalized. I have gotten not a one; it seems that you potheads are too stupid to come up with anything.

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