1. Hello, I recently found your channel and have been enjoying your videos. At the end of this video you asked what would the audience like to see. I speak just for myself, but I am curious to see the status of the holdout states (i.e., the South, etc.). The politicians holding legalization back or just general information would be my personal curiosity. I live in Georgia. In Georgia cannabis is decriminalized in Atlanta. Most people do not live in Atlanta although a ton commute there to work. Cannabis is very much illegal in this state and the courthouses are overflowing with simple possession of marijuana violation cases. Low THC (5% cap) oil is all that is allowed medically and you have to be nearly dead to get that. Unlike many other states you can't obtain a medical card and visit dispensaries. If at some point you could focus on the status of holdout states that would be amazing. Keep up the good work!

  2. It's a slap in the face. I'm hopeful with Kamala being more progressive, she'll push for better legalization. Can you imagine though when it is federally legal?! We're gonna be importing Weed from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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