Best Time To Harvest Marijuana – Trichome Study and Grow Room Update

Close up magnification of Cannabis Trichome to see the best time to harvest marijuana. When to harvest weed Each strain of …


  1. Lol, I love it!! What’s up dude, do you only go in your grow room once every two weeks or are you using that shit for glaucoma? How do you miss a male that big bro? Lol. Man, if I were you, I would focus on 2 plants in flower. I bet you would save a bunch of money and effort for a better and higher yield. Focus more on the bud while reading your trichomes as the leaves will amber first.. I think you were harvesting to early too bud and still are. No matter what I said.. if your having fun and getting high enough for you on your own shit.. Great job. A for effort. I drink MD 20/20 grape with my bud.. only wine that will match the 🏹

  2. Oh man. Make sure that you are the only male your girls will ever see. .. Kind of late to discover the fully blown male.. May I suggest that you study more closely the early signs giving away the sex of plants and then keeping a good eye on them? I feel sorry for you. My deepest sympathies. 🙂

  3. Cross Him?.. You Have already… Sad… I have two Huckleberry… Hard to grow, but producing more than your Whole grow… I am a New indoor grower. Live in The Northwest Great out door… Rain here Is good…, But I think I Wont Learn anything Here.. Sorry… If your happy… I am Happy . Still gave you A like!

  4. this is now a thing. people with plant limits are now starting there seedlings in a small 12 inch PVC pipe. remove PVC once it reaches the top. top your plant and split it down the middle 4 ways cover with rooting hormone. let heal and you will have a plant that will produce as much as 4 plants. if your talented you can split the stem 8 ways.

  5. I made a video of trimming the leaves of a cannabis plant however it only produced 25% than a plant prior to it (same strain, same conditions) so I removed the video so as not to confuse new growers into thinking it was good information…hint, hint.

  6. One of the better harvest videos I've seen, well done. I agree about the selective harvesting and trichome stage, just pre amber seems to be a nice time to take it down.

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