Best pH For HEALTHY Cannabis Plants

If you’re growing Cannabis indoors with bottled nutrients, one crucial element to pay attention to is pH. Here is the definitive guide to pH levels for Cannabis …


  1. Sorry folks but at the end of the video one of you says it backwards. When PH is low you must give it soil acidifier. Wrong. Alkaline = high PH. Acidic = Low PH. So if PH is low you must give it alkaline water to bring it to a neutral PH.

  2. I have another question I want to grow in my garage (I live in Florida) so it runs 80+ in my garage I'm looking to get a tent do you think I can just grow or do you think I have to find a way to cool it down, if so I would appreciate your advice thank you

  3. Hey man ✌️ quick question about ph in soil, I’ve currently just entered week 2 of veg so they’re still babies but my ph has been 5.6 across the board(4plants) since I started feeding them.. my question is are these levels too low right now? Or I’m I okay for a bit till they grow more and get closer to the next stage? I don’t want to stress them out just panicking and throwing shit in, and tbh they look as if they’re thriving.. Thanks for even reading this long ass thought 😅✌️awesome content again 👊

  4. Love your channel bro need more content me and my homies Ben trying trying to different flavors how can you add flavors naturally and what nutrients if you have a solution all the way we would love to see it and knowledge to knowledge bro thank you

  5. Can you suggest a good ph pen for around £50/60 and something that's really bothering me so I just tried to the general hydroponics flora trio the picture showed the usual bottles but when they turned up it was GHE with the general hydroponics logo but the top of the bottle was different it was T.A terra aquatic tri part all called the same flora grow flora bloom and flora micro are they the same??

  6. Right guys I love your videos my "friend" has not been growing long and is just about to start his 3rd grow but he's struggling to get the ph right he grows in coco coir and perlite 70/30 mix and using canna coco professional plus but when he tries to buffer his coco with cal mag and RO water with an ec of 0.4ms and ph of 5.8 the ph rises to 6.7/6.9 when he test the solution afterwards does this mean the coco is at the ph of solution tested afterwards or will it be fine to just carry on why is this? and its the same when feeding what he puts in the top never comes out in the run off the same do I need to worry or just keep feeding to the right ph and ec according to age obviously please help he nearly gave up growing because of the problems hes having with ph please help many thanks

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