Award Winning Craft Cannabis | Fox Hollow Flora in Eugene, Oregon

Deep Roots at Fox Hollow Flora in Eugene, Oregon growing award-winning craft cannabis. Hosted by Cameron Bravmann, Professor at Growers Network …


  1. H.I.T M.E U.P F.O.R Y.O.U.R S.U.P.P.L.Y O.F W.E.E.D 🍁. P.I.L.L.S.🦍E.C.ST.A.C.Y💧M.D.N.A🌡 C.O.K.E.☁️ V.A.P.E.🌬 L.S.D🧨 M.E.T.H 🎫 C.B.D O.I.L.🔥 H.A.S.H.🌪 L.E.A.N 🎉A.N.D M.O.R.E H.I.T M.E U.P O.N:
    Wickr: donekiff
    Kik: donekiff
    snapchat: jefflewis2363

  2. The prices and marketing are a shock. Its an effin weed. It grows in the ditch by the side of the road between Delhi anf the foothills of himalaya 3 ft tall end of March for 85 miles!

  3. Those are some nice buds, reminds me of the way we do it in BC.. some of these other massive million dollar grows in california or washington on this show sure make some garbage bud… they have their lights wayyy to high and not trained properly.. well done. edit: food looked pretty bomb too lol

  4. Homie grows like me a bigger scale still cleaning the plant like I would in all stages at the end you only need water leaf on the top main plants . Water leaf takes from the bud in budding, like the show could work for these guys

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