8 week update. Just before harvest. Indica and Sativa dominant candy land cannabis grown outside

A look at both plants and some of the differences between the genetics. Will be cutting one down completely and trying to re-vegg the other.


  1. That plant is a hybrid. The leaf structure won’t let you know how long it takes to flower. It is indica dominate no matter how the leaves are shaped because it’s short and busy. There are not short and bushy Sativa dominate plants when it comes to flowering. Sativas grow like tropical plants. Not like indica cactus. Some Indica hybrids will produce 9 fan leaves.

  2. Hey can u mix miracle gro plant food with morbloom 0.10.10 while going into flowering. N I'm at the veg stage right now n I'm using dyna gro grow n superthrive I need some advice I apologize to bother u bruh. What should I do n should I flush before going into flower n should I put the ladys in dark for 48 hrs or before switching or are those just different techniques I'm open for discussion

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