1. what's truly sad is the little snippets in the media about this story are mainly marginalized and spend the most of their story raising tough questions and using scare tactics instead of just telling it how it is….Charlotte by doctors standards was ready for death….on pharmaceuticals that did everything but treat her condition….her parents had to sign a do not resuscitate order….and from when they go home from the doctor when she was still 4 years old…..they started giving her cannabis oil, that you eat….now she is 6 and healthy and happy and has to take no pharmaceuticals…miracle anyone?

  2. hola necesito ayuda para mi hija sufre practicamente lo mismo convulsiona todo el tiempo y ya le hicieron también esa dieta que no le sirvió de nada, ademas de los múltiples medicamentos para la epilepsia que toma sigue convulsionando, como puedo conseguir ese aceite, AYUDA POR FAVOR

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