#6: Lollipopping, Topping, Training and Pruning Our Marijuana Plants

Week 4 Dan popped over to help us with the next stages of growing our four cannabis plants. It is here, we learned the importance of pruning our plants to …


  1. rookies . I'm younger than you and I produced a heavy bettet gellatto out her in cali a indoor grow using only a window and a AC. Made me survive this drought lmao. Currently growing more. This my second time ever . Solo.with out your crew. N better than u. Not hating man. But do more research. Looking like amatures.

  2. Everybody always has to let people they dont even know in the comment section how great they are. If you have to say your good then you ain't. If you were we would be watching you. So stfu

  3. Wow these comments…. Ya'll really find it necessary to criticize and talk sh!t about his garden … If you don't agree with him, don't watch his shit its simple but no y'all gotta leave nasty comments just to be mean.

  4. You know your techniques I will say that much, but my question is why does your little darlings be looking like small miniature pine trees? No offense to you or anything.

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