4 BENEFITS OF CBD OIL (& concerns) | All you need to know

CBD is rising in popularity for epilepsy, anxiety and many other uses but what are the benefits of CBD products like CBD oils and tea? Learn about the history of …


  1. Real weed oil is better than all this. That high “feel” is actually good for you mind body and soul. Remember how your mind feels helps in improve your health as well so that state of mind you’re in is great when your being safe of course and not wilding out

  2. I’ve been using cbd for a couple years. I used to use it topically for Charlie horses when I was on a keto diet and low on electrolytes. It’ stops the muscle cramp almost immediately. Now I used it during my cycle and take it internally. It helps greatly with my horrible back cramps. Definitely a must for me. It really depends where you get it though. Not all cbd oil is created equal.

  3. I've tried regular CBD oil of all different strengths for both anxiety and pain management, and my personal opinion is it is overhyped, overpriced, and didn't work that great. However, I did try CBD oil with THC in it (it's legal here in California), and that worked wonders, relieving my anxiety, migraines, and cramps without feeling "high". I recommend getting it with THC if you can.

  4. CBD oil has greatly reduced anxiety in my dog. I haven’t needed to take it for myself. But this video makes me want to look into it more for it’s nutritional benefits because I am vegan. Thanks for this great video!

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