2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders releases marijuana legalization plan

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just released his plan to legalize marijuana in the U.S. One America’s Salina Arredondo breaks down the proposal.


  1. He should do it even if he doesn't be come president and show his plan and work with Republicans but we all know how the democratic party would act and once they have the power not do 💩💩💩

  2. then he will federally regulate it and licence it and tax it taking the power away from the states and then only the federal government will be able to say who can have it or grow it or sell it JUST LIKE WE HAVE ALL BEEN ATTEMPTING TO AVOID in order to keep pot in localized hands and not a state run weed store ,,, they are gonna get burned alright sneaky little bastard

  3. We get this going tax the hell out of it. Then the rest will get pass the hard stuff with bigger highs more taxes lots of money plus a nation of junkies we rule over. Get on the dope train now.

  4. You can't legislate morality. It doesn't work. See Prohibition. That said, as Christians we can't make our broter stumble either. It's a complicated issue. The US prisons are full of drug offenders yet it's accomplished nothing. The bankers make too much money laudering the profits.

  5. The only way the dems have a chance is to legalize pot. That is what happened in Michigan and the dems got in a governor. Little did all of those who voted for them know it wasn't the dems who got it on the ballot it was a republican. That is what happens when they are to stoned to pay attention.

  6. 122 thumbs down? Go %#$@ Yourself. We're getting our damned Tegrity weed!!!! All boring mean drunks are about to be FORGOTTEN AND DISMISSED, treated poorly. I have been thirsting for this for so long. 🖕💨😤😤💨😤💨🖕

  7. Of course Bernie is going to legalize weed, it's a wonder he is not offering it for free. Weed it just as bad a smoking tobacco or vaping which is putting kids on ventilators at an alarming rate. This is what the lunatic left wants for society, free everything at the expense of those who actually work for a living something Bernie is not familiar with, anyone recall the last bill Bernie got passed in Congress? This lunatic has sat in Congress for decades enriching himself off of his position thanks to the ignorant voters or Vermont and every four years America gets insulted by this lunatic when he runs for President thanks to the morons who reside in Vermont.

  8. This is where I break from the Conservatives, I think it should be fully legalized, but Bernie is going too far by forgiving all past drug convictions. He's only doing that because he wants their votes, just like he wants the votes of all felons, even those still in their prison cells.

  9. Bernie Sanders has without a doubt convinced me that he is so far off the deep end anything he does , says, is nothing but foolishness. His mind is gone.

  10. He’s playing to his audience, everybody knows that marijuana is going to be eventually legalized in America and pretty damn soon pay attention to what’s going on in our country

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