Woman says micro-dosing marijuana makes her a better mom l GMA

In an essay for Parents.com, writer Leah Campbell reveals small amounts keep her “present” and “functional” for her daughter. LEARN MORE: …


  1. Over dosing causes ego death. Dont be scared of this. you wont actually die. You'll just think deeply of all the bad choices you made in life. It's a cleansing. A nature Reboot. 😍💚🔞NOW READY 4U😍QTV🌈 weekend playlist gotBIGGER🍆Screen 🖥 ? 8hour +TV Xtra 🤣😉🔞strictly No Karen's allowed👁👁WvW weekender video watch YouTube 7K

  2. Marijuana is magic .but not for everyone. I dont drink I dont smoke. I'm a fitness health instructor..I use Marijuana as a muscle relaxant. Be very careful with dosing. Always take no more than 5mg for less experienced wait hours take same or slightly more 7mg. This will last 6 + hours. All depends on quality type of strain.❤NOW READY 4U😍QTV🌈 weekend playlist gotBIGGER🍆Screen 🖥 ? 8hour +TV Xtra 🤣😉🔞strictly No Karen's allowed👁👁WvW weekender video watch YouTube 7K

  3. "You can't only talk about the positive effects of a drug without considering the risks or negatives."

    Like how no one talks about the opioid problem in the US right now?

  4. This lady expresses the negatives of thc, but that's what microdosing filters out. You find the right balance between the anti anxiety medicinal effect and the full can't get off the couch high.

  5. Doctors don't know what they are talking about we the people that smoke or eaten it know how it is doctors dont know that have u ever seen a doctor smoke bud or eat edible

  6. Yo..so. i have been micro dosing the last week or so. I get litetally a scrape. A minuscule amount of hash and inhale in a bong. It is incredible. Im a better dad. Better friend and more creative. I have noticed though that if i overdo it. Then is really takes me off guard and can be quite psycho active. The main issue for me is trying not to feel like I'm being 'naughty' for want of a better word. Its still illegal in uk. It has made my memory a little more foggy but my ocd and anxiety means i remember too much. I will continue this experiment.

  7. Why aren't the negative or risks of pharmaceuticals talked about? I suffered chronic pain in my '30s and I was basically a pharmaceutical guinea pig. If microdosing cannabis helps with anxiety and pain I would try this before any pharmas and wish this had been available when I was going through a physically painful time in my life where the pharmas made things worse, not better.

  8. I’m a follower of Jesus and micro-dose marijuana after a long day of work. Not enough to get me high, but a tiny amount to put me in a calm state where I can compartmentalize my thoughts. I come up with new ideas and it helps with reading the Bible too. This HAS to be the proper way to consume the weed.

  9. Great! Now pregnant women will start flooding their unborn children with THC.. time to crank up those autism numbers! Ladies, please wait until you've had the baby to smoke thank you!

  10. Third leading cause of death in this country is going to see your doctor. I didn't see death on the doctors list of cannabis side effects and that's because you don't get your cannabis from a doctor.

  11. Of course they have to say marijuana "may be dangerous" because they want people to take those nasty prescription drugs..I myself have done some research on using marijuana for pain management and I would rather take that than those horrid pain pills..I DO NOT like those things..and actually those pain meds are much more dangerous than marijuana..if it helps that woman then more power to her..and it annoys me that they put the word functional in quotes..in a way it's a good thing that they are bringing stories like this into the public,but of course they have to do their fear mongering about it.."we don't know the effects of using marijuana to treat pain long term"…BS..as I said those painkillers are FAR worse,and they won't publicly admit how awful prescription drugs really are..so I say if you don't like traditional methods of managing pain or anxiety or whatever then research the positive effects of THC and hopefully it's legal wherever you are

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