Why Marijuana Gives You The Munchies

Marijuana can have various effects on your body. But what is it about weed that makes you so hungry? Science Insider tells you all you need to know about …


  1. I've also theorize that this process causes your metabolism to increase abnormally inducing ketosis as THC cannabinoids attach themself to fat cells, just as they do cancer cells and so on. Therefore the munchies doesn't just fall to neuroscience for answers it falls to ketogenics. For instance if you eat a full meal before consuming cannabis you'll find that not only do you not struggle with the effects of the munchies, you will metabolize that meal at a much quicker rate. Many cannabinoids are approved for dietary purposes regarding appetite and metabolic issues it's not really just a coincidence that it has these positive effects, you simply have to educate yourself on eating before you medicate, if you're consuming cannabis on an empty stomach you're only amplifying your bodies signals to your brain telling you to consume more food because cannabinoids are attacking your fat cells (which is a good thing) but just like any other natural induction of Ketosis you're going to feel extremely hungry.

  2. This is misleading; while there were a few instances of this behavior in *rodents*, all human trials have found that cannabis is an appetite suppressant on nearly every level.
    This is why the movie trope of the "fat stoner" is just that: a trope and not real.

    What does happen is that after one consumes cannabis and the appetite is suppressed, they stop consuming and the appetite "ramps back up"; the munchies are simply you feeling your normal metabolism resume normal functions.

    However, most humans use cannabis sporadically, whether it be for recreational or medicinal use, with few regularly dosing and maintaining levels 24/7 and has contributed tot he "weed makes me hungry" myth. 🙂

    I myself consume over 1oz a week and have been within my ideal BMI, with less than 6% bodyfat (eating once a day) for nearly 17 years. I am rarely hungry and generally have to force myself to eat, due to my nonstop consumption of thc.

  3. so to dumb it down for non-interlectuals like me, marijuana gives you the munchies because you're brain cells mistakes being full to being hungry?

    got it

  4. Get high eat shit loads of food fall sleep wake up next day and it feels like I haven't eaten in a week my stomach is making noises you would expect from an etheopian kid why does it do that and why can't I eat when I'm what I call hungover starving?

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