What you should know before using prescription-free CBD products for pain relief l GMA

Millions suffering from chronic pain are turning to CBD for relief, with Google searches for CBD reaching 6.5 million in just one month. WATCH FULL EPISODES: …


  1. Hey guys i wanted to share my experience with all of you. CBD has changed my life .Tired of the all the scams online about real CBD. I got you covered. https://www.cbdbiocare.com?a_aid=Borireefer321
    See ive always suffered from arthiritis pain and doctors would always prescribe me pills. Pills always have a side effect and cure one thing and mess up the other. They are also bad for your kidneys and liver. I have always been skeptical about a man made cure for diseases. If we travel back in time in foreign countries like china, thera has always been natural medicine. Why?
    Because it works. Now with states and goverment easying up on cbd and marihuana in general. We now have access to top of the line non synthetic 100% pure CBD products. We have just about everything. https://www.cbdbiocare.com?a_aid=Borireefer321
    You feel pain ? Try our organic liquid capsules. We have you covered from facial creams ,oils, liquid capsules, and we even have treats for pets.For all the animal lovers out there. So what are you waiting for? Change your life one CBD product at a time.

  2. It's hard to find quality CBD products. If a certain product works for you stick with it. Make Sure it has a certificate of analysis.
    Or you can make your own and start your own online hemp CBD business!

  3. I bet you all big pharmacy companies are doing everything possible to ban this new innovation of organic meds… You just to do you own research and have an independent mind besides what Fake news are trying to tell you… Results speak for themselves!

  4. Charlottes web only one approved by FDA. It’s first one used for epilepsy (remember girl who was cured of daily seizures). Lazarus is second legitimate product. Both offer generous discounts for Vets, disabled, and low income with proof). Vets get 60% discounts. I use it for pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia due to Lupus. Absolutely works…for me.

  5. Did she call it legal marijuana? CBD is not marijuana! CBD is not derived from marijuana. CBD comes from hemp. Hemp and Marijuana are 2 different species of cannabis. Even though they are both cannabis, they have different benefits and effects. Don't mix the 2 because they are not the same. If you are going to do a report on something then you know do some research and at least try to find out what the hell you are "reporting" about. This is why mainstream media can not be trusted and shouldn't be listened to.

  6. I was a non-believer until someone rubbed my back with cbd lotion after I slipped my disk and was out of work for 4 days. I went from unable to walk right for a week, to two hours later 90% of my pain gone. I went back to work the next day now I am a total believer.

  7. When a business is cash only – means, I can claim less money to Federal, State, and local Taxes. They will NOT know what you transact in the shop because it cash where you can stash Where there's lots of cash – there's opportunity to be rob.

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