What is CBD ? Cannabidiol The Inside Story | What Doctors are saying about CBD

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  1. To me, this sounds like over millennia the human body has developed some kind of symbiotic relationship to cannabis, because it was very beneficial to it. Then that symbiotic partner was just snitched away. Why? Well, fitting in this disturbed times, mainly because of racism. Just read up why a guy named Anslinger invented the ban on hemp, and why racist and right-winger Republicans (namely Nixon) reinforced the demonizing of hemp and exploited its engineered bad reputation to further white supremacy. Sounds crazy, is crazy, but that's the reason.

  2. My daughter-in-law gave me CBD cream that I then used for a painfully stiff neck I had for months. Pain left. CBD did what tylenol, aleve, motrin and otc creams for muscle soreness did not do.

  3. Hi! I'd love to know more about THC's. Are they dangerous, can they spike blood pressure or lower it? I do know some people have palpitations when they smoke weed or eat an edible. I cant understand why someone would risk their health over a high….insanity!

  4. I wish we could find an oncologist or hematologist with a channel similar to yours. I actually thought of this while watching one of your Vitamin D videos and have just been browsing other topics you cover.

    It would be interesting and resourceful to find a cohesive and clear series in those related fields. I appreciate the work you do. Thanks

  5. Hi Dr. I been suffering Chronic pain since I was a young girl maybe around the ages of 5/6 years old. today I’m 40 in a body of a 90 year old woman who for a week I can’t get up from bed, suffers from back pain, both hips I feel like they get stuck and the kids gotta take me to the bed. I started to take CBD but have not found the right dosage or brand. I have try every brand dosage in the smoke shops I stay away from inflammatory foods, I do fee some work but not as long as I would love too. And they all have THC would be nice if you could make a video I been on Morphine for years now, and about a year on Naproxen. I suffer from fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I can’t drive to far otherwise I get lost. I have panic attacks in the middle of the road. I have been so positive for years people always ask Heidy how do you do it, work, your kids, you cook every day and have a clean home to be honest I don’t think about me. Everything I do is for my kids otherwise I wouldn’t be here anymore a human can’t live with pain for years it’s a miserable life that you ask yourself on your bad days what did I do for the Big Guy to send this to me? I see my kids and I forget about me and keep going.

  6. Hi, my sister and I have insomnia and sometimes restless leg syndrome. She heard marijuana would help her sleep, she started to smoke it at night and she now sleeps good and gets her rest, I don't want to smoke it, but I desperately need to sleep and rest. What would you recommend for me, oil? If so, how many drops, and can I take it every night? Thanks.

  7. This clip mentions traditional use of CBD oil to alleviate pains of childbirth. Is there clinical evidence for this; 1. regular CBD oil users, 2. during labor only applications? Are there national or cultural groups that are applying CBD oil for labor pains in childbirth?

  8. Thank you for this information! I started using CBD about a year ago, now using it in various forms. I’m sticking to one brand. Before that I had watched Sanjay Gupta’s series on the medical usage worldwide.

  9. As always there are so many unanswered questions, the most popular being which brand is best? Also as with Victoria Reeves comment, how much it's helped her but doesn't give the brand. Even Dr Hansen seems to be more keen for subscriptions to other videos than replying to question posted here.

  10. Abridge this video what to look for in selecting effective cbd products. Perhaps review of various brands that are affective. This modularity in time will become as pronounced as prescriptivists

  11. Dry, substantive information with no fluff. It would be nice to know which CBD molecules help with this problem. Then you could go to a vape shop and get the oral cbd product with the most of a specific CBD molecule. In terms of topical CBD ,how can one measure how much CBD reaches a the blood stream, if any etc

  12. 1. Can you elaborate on the molecular biology and physiology of how cbd works in the body?
    2. If ssri is similar to cbd, than would a peeson be at risk for mani if that was the effect they experienced from ssris, meaning does cbd pose similar risks, how dies it differ?
    3. What are the possible uses if cbd for fibromialgia?
    4.plantar fascitis?
    5. Immunoglubilin defficiency, specifically,iga?

  13. I had no idea – a system we didn't know existed until rather recently!
    We have been using CBD oil with our German Shepard who has immune-mediated polyarthritis. It is primarily treated with azothiaprine, which is moderately effective but by itself does not make Tasha look pain-free. Tramadol is prescribed for the breakthrough symptoms and that works decently whenever we can get her to take it; rarely, that is. The CBD oil is just added to her food without her noticing it, and seems as effective as Tramadol in this case.

  14. I would like recommendations of CBD also , please advise. I have genetic bipolar disorder. I am trying every way to live a better life. It is a very lonely illness. No one knows.

  15. Dr mike. I had a dog. No dr treated seizures. As going into it. I placed 2 drops between teeth. Thus, stopping it in. Hes fine. But shocked. Began at 7 years old. Helpped him to make it to age 14. Rosemary, i put in water, killed fleas. Grew in soft, fluffy hair

  16. Hey Doc, I understand CBD has an enzyme that can interfere with the metabolism of many Rx, so potentially leading to toxic levels of some Rx. Can you comment on that? Thank you and God bless you!

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