What happened when I took 3 drops of cannabis oil

My experience using cannabis oil to cure cancer and arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis). === The Lesson I Learned === God will use you in the midst of your storm / trial / challenge to bless…


  1. I have questions. Was there a ratio of CBD to THC advertised on the bottle? And when you say three drops, are we talking 3 individual visine-style drops or 3 droppers full of oil? Believe it or not, some people misinterpret the two.

  2. Hmm sounds like that time when I had 8 space cakes saw a whole new dimension crazy part about it is I predicted a stabbing two blocks
    Away don’t worry guys wasn’t me cause my friends was chasing me up the street the whole time trying to catch me… don’t laugh it ain’t funny true story!

  3. Dude you waisted the hospitals time and put you and your family in danger over THREE DAMN DROPS… I would’ve been so pissed if I was the doctor too. Grow up and handle ur shit

  4. HAHAHAHAHA OMG THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME, EXCEPT MY SYMPTOMS DIDNT GO AWAY FOR LIKE 14 DAYS😂 I was paranoid and in a dream state the whole time. This happens to me every time I consume more THC than I can handle. I don’t mean to do it on purpose, but it’s just hard to tell how much THC is ok for you🤦‍♂️

  5. lol, your "freak out" when you took three drops happened to me last year when I sucked down 3/4ths of a weed sucker. I took way too much and it totally messed me up for like 4 hours straight. I literally thought I was dying. If I try it again I'll probably do the oil, and if I do the oil, I'm literally starting with one tear drop of it. Tiny, tiny amount. I don't want to go through that hell again. So I'll go as minimal as possible and just see if it helps me sleep and eases my anxiety. But my God… what a terrifying experience that was. I shudder just thinking about it.

  6. Similar experience. I heated some old carts, and was able to get 6-8 tiny drops. I let it drip into about a tbsp. of butter. Put the butter on two pieces of toast. Got very high as soon as I ate the toast. Thought it was great, then I started to get really sick. Much the same as you , I became very dizzy, like my bp was was away too low. Sweaty, and felt like if I passed out, I wouldn't wake up. Anyway, this lasted about two hours. I was truly miserable physically, and very paranoid. Not a good time.

  7. You higher than Benjamin Franklin’s kite yo lol Play some video games or something else you can focus on other than being high lol I was high so bad once that I kept thinking I shit myself lol lol fun times.

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