WEED vs. ALCOHOL – what is healthier? | CANNABIS & Health 101 | BeerBiceps Fitness

Happy Holi you guys! I had to make this video as it was highly requested. Yes, this video is all about Bhang or Weed or Cannabis or marijuana. It’s all the same.


  1. Why people drink and drive. When they can smoke and fly😉 I'm a stoner but somtime like 1 time in month. It's good and bad effects if you use in high dose

  2. Real gyan summer me bhang
    Winter me sarab
    Rainy season me ganja medicine ke tarah use karna sahi hota hai,
    Garmi me bhang thandak
    Sardi me sarab garmi
    A ur barish me infection se surakhya karta hai.brahmgyan

  3. The things you say is perfect but life is not perfect brother…. Not for me atleast….. weed helped me overcome my alcohol addiction and porn addiction…. weed has really helped me….. but I would like to suggest that everything is good in control…. even I smoke weed only when I am at home for about three months, once a day…. and the rest of 9 months, I work Onboard as a Sailor.
    Thank you Marijuana

  4. I use it an dose only when my stress level is at peak, anxiety is at peak, worried too much on unnecessary thing & feel very depressed I hav it to calm my self down. Takes me many weeks or many months to get to that peak level. Just one or two mouth filled puff are good for me to relax. An advice to people reading it never ever find a reason to smoke this or purposely put yourself to a stress level just to spark it up. Smoke with relax & positive vibe or else there are high chances of bad trip.

  5. hello beerbicep im medical student from gurgaon i dont think so marijuana is addictive so much i smoke weed not daily but twice a week. its not addictive so much, plz rply my cmnet asap

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