WATCH as compound in Cannabis oil THC kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone 640×480 M

I take this organic CBD oil here: (but the video above is different as it contains THC and is cannabis oil) Facebook:


  1. Cancer alone is a $100 BILLION industry. Of course those who profit from it don't want it cured and will kill anyone who says otherwise. Until we unite and demand they cure us like they do in other countries– such as Mexico, we will continue to be killed so they can profit.

  2. get bent Erin. This is complete bullshit and you know it! The real person making money off the gullible is you!

    even if this were real, cancer cells dying on a petri dish doesn't mean it's a cure for cancer–you can put cyanide in a petri dish and it will kill the cells. Go to hell you bit h

  3. Here's an idea ….since THCa is non-psychoactive….I believe there is a way to place into a bottle without changing the form of the THCa……Now since it is now non-psychoactive why can't it be sold just like CBD oil……..??? It is insane that this sacred healing plant is illegal in most of the world..!!! Who is behind keeping this plant out of the hands of the masses…..

  4. So to treat /eradicate cancer one would need to take cannabis oil WITH the THC??? So SOL CDB oil would be useless for Cancer??
    The text on vid says "watch as non toxic doses of THC are administered to fast acting Cancer cells" Does "administered" mean with a syringe/needle into the cancer cells?? Can a person take this oil orally and get any results??? And would that have to be a HIGHER than normal dosage?? to stop the cancer??
    Thank you in advance. This is amazing.

  5. Who made the video? Is this part of a larger study? Are there researchers to be cited? Even if it is some independent or even some ameture geek in his moms basement? Why is there no description? What is going on? Is there a link to a website? Even if it is anonymous, when was it made? What is the dosage? Are there more videos to watch? What the fuck???

  6. Am I the only person aware that cancer cells aren't mobile? This is video of single celled organisms.

    This is the reason why you need to include where you got the video from. If people can't independently confirm that it is what you claim it is, then you're subject to Hitchen's razor.

  7. Jesus people. 1) There is no proof these footage shows what it says, no source is cited. 2) Bleach also kill cancer cells. What matters is the specificity to cancer cells. 3) There are 100 types of cancer so there is simply no "cure to cancer".

  8. This is the real "Tree of Life" mentioned on the Genesis. So many things still to be discover about this wonderful, exquisite and unique plant. And the government and their offices against what we all know, IT WORKS!

  9. its no coincidence that doctors who promote alternative medicine and research are being found dead.. the pharmaceutical industry and those business men with a stake as shareholders are noticing the dent in profits, a problem that must be dealt with discretely

  10. Which one are THC cells and which one is cancer? and where are all the other cells (white, red, etc) ? what kind of cancer cells are these? it looks like it was preformed in a petri dish not inside a functioning life form.. Oh well if its real, and not something done on windows paint, it paves the way even more for the research regarding the amazing possibilities of THC! ^_^

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