Top 10 Marijuana Health Benefits You Probably Didn't Know

Here are some of the most important marijuana health benefits you probably didn’t know! Marijuana or Cannabis, has a long pop culture presence and an even …


  1. I will be sharing this, with my specialist doctor, who do not credit it as being of help, with my primary condition – It does help a lot with the side-effects, and the additional terminal conditions which the pharmacuticals I am prescribed, have brought on. To date 24-4-2020, no help other than pharmacuticals, have been offered by the Doctors, all of the prescriptions, myself is highly reactive to – the Doctors have been repeatedly advised of this & still refuse even satavex, so I go to the black market, for named varieties, which help enormously with 4 terminal conditions – 3 of which are due to pharmacuticals, prescribed by doctors.
    Efforts to gain releif, have brought about changes, that the Doctors are able to measure via blood tests, & yes, they've tested for THC, ILLEGALY, & are now very wary of me, as they realise, that I, am my own best physician, something they detest, as I, and one of their longest surviving clients, & one from whom they make very little money.

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