1. I just learned about delta 8 today. I’m really interested in trying delta 8 cause as you said regular bud or delta 9 really is uncomfortable for me mentally.

  2. Im sorry idk if its cause im a light weight but i dabbed the durban poison and og kush together and it got me high af i literally cant believe that this shit is legal bro im not even exageratting the ones i got was from got_cbd.com its amazing.

  3. I love CBD Havens Granddaddy Purp Delta 8. Effects are amazing and there prices are the lowest I seen. At the time I bought 3 – 1ml, Granddaddy Purp Delta 8 syringes for $89.00+. Just went on there website and they have 3 – Delta 8 syringes for $59.99. They have the 1 ml for $24.99 and other size options available as well. Give them a try. You won't be disappointed!!!!

  4. Lol….u had me rollin towards the end with your reaction to delta 8😂😂😂😂 Can this give you anxiety and paranoia if you use enough of it? I am super sensitive to thc. I most definitely need to cop this. I hear so many good things about delta 8 on r/delta 8.

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