The Science Behind ABcann Medicinals

Here’s a look at the technology behind ABcann’s (TSX-V: ABCN) advanced medical marijuana facilities and the science behind the research. Here’s our full report on why we’re invested in ABcann…


  1. Unlike what some of the comments suggest, this is NOT about getting high. This is about prescribing the exact dose of sub-components of the plant to relieve longstanding pain, sleep difficulties, and a number of other issues.

  2. the ad that sent me here said this may have scientists rethink what they know and made it sound so important. I was curious so i clicked. This whole thing just looks like it's for an advanced marijuana hydroponics station so they can make some better weed. I'm not gonna deny that marijuana can be good medically but this doesn't seem world changing unless you think people getting a little more high is world changing. It looks like they gave half these people clipboards and said look like you're doing something important and pretend to write on it.

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