The Oral Health Benefits of CBD

CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol has been shown to have many therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s amazing effects on those who suffer from …


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  2. I took CBD just two days 5% and I felt a little dizzy, I read book everyday and I found I don't enjoy book after taking CBD, my emotional connection with book with story in this book is without emotions. I didn't read book with passion as one day ago. CBD make you narenit connect with reality and not improve your focus. CBD make you sleep better but next day you feel tired with no anxiety but also no energy. The worse think for me was that be ok which I read make me tired when I read it during CBD, I felt each side of book is challenge and each I didn't focus on entire story as well as without CBD, it was wired feeling like I am not care about reading book just I am care about nothing. I think CBD is not good for people who go to school or want pass any exams because your focus is not as good as should be. I don't believe in advertising that CBD improve memory or focus. CBD make just you are more like in dream and can give you dizziness or light headedness.

  3. CBD changed my LIFE Guys. If you're based within Europe, visit VAPEZEN9.COM. I've tried alot of cbd products but found theirs most effective and for 1000mg I haven't found anywhere as cheap in UK. Hope this helps. Best wishes everyone x

  4. There is a new CBD oral spray created by two dental professionals is called Lyfee. It contains 750 mg og Premium CBD oil isolate, xylitol, 11 mg of zinc and organic avocado oil. It comes in a package with two sprayers. Made in USA in an approved FDA laboratory. You can check it out here

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  6. I have wegners scleritis of the left eye and mild rheumatoid arthritis I'm a beginner I want to buy and try medterra CBD oil will 1000mg a dosage to start with? And I want to do it once a day or week is good which one? If I get the 1000mg medterra and I start off 5mg the next day can i go up to 1000mg if i do it once a day or even once weekly I was thinking broad spectrum as a beginner?

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