Taking CBD Oil for Chronic Pain after 30 Days

In this video, I discuss using CBD Oil for managing chronic pain, and my opinion of it, after using it for 30 days. My pain is due to many years with thoracic outlet …


  1. Ok my husband has your same issues…back surgeries and all.You are not taking a high quality cbd.You really need to check out top ones like nuleaf,charlottes web and the best of the best is Spruce 2400mg…you cant get more potent than that.Its moonshine distilled and yes it is expensive but its potent and effective.You with your specific issues would probably take an entire dropper full. Some people dont need that much and while it does cost alot it also lasts much longer and you wont need as much because the more potent it is…the less you need…think bang your buck here! so…a $225-260.00 bottle seems insane but if it works and lasts because you maybe could take half a dropper a day then it's worth it.I know about watching someone with chronic back pain among other shit and it sucks!!Save your money….get a piggy bank..lol…seriously extra whatever every week to pay for it.Get the 100 ML.bottle…it will be the best value and possibly change your life!There's others in between that you could start out with but this is the best if the best..also put it directly under your tongue for one full minute.Good luck!

  2. Its a waste of money. I bought a small bottle and didnt feel any different. Then i got a bigger bottle so i can try it longer to make sure i give a chance before giving up on. It did not make any difference in me of any kind. I have chronic back issues, occasional migraines and bad sleep. Taking this suppose to help but i feel zero difference except my damn wallet is lighter! Stuff is very expensive. Save your money folks.

  3. Sounds like you're doing too many things at one time. Also what form and how are you taking the CBD? Orally, topicallyf? Pure CBD would be the best test for the CBD.

  4. Do you take morphine or oramorph for pain ? They have prescribed me oramorph for my chronic pelvic pain but I scared to use it again. Been off it for a month and the withdrawal was agony and thats why I scared! But, im in so much pain I might have to start it again😞 trouble is im on cocodamol now can you mix codeine with morphine ? great video bro

  5. Does your dispensary have a CBD distillate? My local dispensary does and it is 80% CBD or around 800mg of CBD per gram. Using a DynaVap to vaporize it and it’s very good for pain and relaxation

  6. I've tried CBD oil plenty of times.. Vaped it & put drops on my tongue and I can't say I've felt a whole lot from it. I think it's probably as effective as a placebo.. at best!

  7. I have a dear friend with arthritis in her hands and knees. She tried cannabis balm and it gave her immediate relief. She uses a small dab every morning and no pain for 12-14 hours. Take a look at your local dispensary. The lotions do not make you High. There are several companies that make different strengths. Different ratios of CBD to THC. The combination of CBD and THC helps her tremendously. No side effects. No high. The only downside is that a person will feel pain free and do too much physical activity – and re-injure themselves. It works great on arthritis and muscle pain.

    For neurological damage and/or the spine – try transdermal patches.

  8. The more research I do, the more confused I get. Everything I'm looking into is talking about a gradual increase up to a certain point. The current strength that I have is 33.33 mg per milliliter, 1000 milligrams per bottle, it is a 30 milliliter bottle.
    So was informed to start low and work up till it feel like it is working. So at this point, yep it is working, first time in years without constipation. 😁

  9. First off…STOP!!!!. You claim to be taking "CBD Oil" for your pain. It amazes me the people such as yourself that rush to get onto Youtube to be Star of the Day, then come on here with no Facts at all, instead you people sit and whine, oh the CBD Oil didn't so anything for me boohoo………. FIRST, Number One: What Oil are you taking and from what company. There is a huge difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil, (did you even know this before you came on here?) What MG was the dose? How often did you take the oil? How many times a day did you take the oil? Do you know the facts and the specifics of what you are even talking about and what you are taking? ………I can guarantee you that you DO NOT!……………… Why do I say these things? Here are the facts. My nephew was born premature at 4 months old. Boston Childrens Hosp. He was born with Cerebral palsy, Blind and distorted for life. Up until 5 years ago he had up to 30 seizures a month, being flown into BCH 4 to 5 times a month. My brother finally decided to use REAL CBD Oil at 1000mg per 10 ounce…..Not the crap hemp oil you can buy at any store or online like you most likely bought. My Nephews seizures went for 20/30 a month to 1 every 3 months. Two of his doctors now come every month to my brothers home to record what is taking place and plan to announce their findings to the New England Journal of Medicine in One more Year! (They have been recording his results now for 4 years) NOT ONLY has the REAL CBD Oil stopped his seizures (3 drops under the tongue and any of his seizures stop withing 60 seconds) But his neuro pathways are regenerating and reforming in his brain. That means his brain is starting to heal itself………… Now for another fact: I have 5 herniated discs, Had thyroid cancer, Lung disease due to chemical overexposure from work its called RADS, Reactive airway dysfunction syndrome, its incurable and I will eventually die from it………………….. I've been on REAL CBD Oil for 14 months, (Not the Hemp garbage in every state being sold)) …I am off all Diabetes Medicines (2 different insulins and pills daily) I am off my inhaler that I had to use Every day, and I have worked down 3 notches of pain meds that I had to take 4 times a day…….. Real people Using REAL CBD Oil are getting tremendous results…………………..So PLEASE Stop being complete morons and coming onto YOUTUBE to be Star of the Day…… You most likely are using a cheap ass hemp oil you bought online or in a vape store, Not real CBD that you would either have to get through your Doctor………………..Your false claims using false products does Harm to real people that could benefit from using real CBD Oils…………………For God Sakes do real Research before you even think about shouting out to the general public………………………… If you have used a garbage product of hemp oil that you bought at any local store then please delete this entire blog and video, if this is the case you should be ashamed of yourself and at least get real facts information and products before you do this again. Real people, real pain and real life, act responsible.

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