1. Im trying to quit so bad it seems impossible i started smoking when I was 12 everyone I was around was older so they influenced me I been smokin every day since im now 22 I miss being sober fr

  2. I’m 13 , and I want to try weed. I am not worried about getting addicted. BUT, I know I am going to feel the guilt… HARD, and it is going to be on my conscience. I really don’t want my family to find out . Anyone have any stories about their first time or any advise? I know ur probably gonna say something sarcastic about my age but it’s worth a try asking

  3. Smoked weed everyday for the last 2 years, 4 days in quitting and my sleep is so fucked up, honestly considering smoking again just to sleep, anyone else having the most vivid dreams ever?

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  6. I think weeds ruined my life, barley have friends, after ive smoked i tend to avoid family because it makes me want to be alone, when I dont have it Ill go get it even if Im skint. Made me such a quiet isolated person, smoked since I was 15 and turned 24 yesterday, atleast 2g a day. Going to have my last little smoke later that I have left then quit. Can we start a motivational post here, keep me on track guys? Literally have nobody else and a strangers advice would go along way, really holding me back at this point

  7. Been smokin poppers an marijuana for over 2 years an It's gotten me wrapped up in so many things i dont want to be involved in because of the need for a new bag.

  8. Smoked everyday for two years. Mostly because of friends, would use with them daily at night. Quitting was only difficult because of them, the withdrawal symptoms themselves were very easy to handle and quick to go away. Hopefully everyone seeking sobriety can get clean

  9. Instead of smoking weed regularly to the point that I’m literally attached to it, I’m going outside more and taking vitamins. I need to grow more attached to my other hobbies and quit consuming destroyers of my bodily temple. These first few weeks might suck, but I can’t lose my edge. Remember to stay focused on the rich benefits of a healthy life. Wish me luck. I’ll return shortly.

  10. There are many factors in stopping smoking including eg motivation and support from friends.

    One resource I discovered that successfully combines these is the Quit Smoking Crusher (google it if you're interested) definately the most useful method that I have ever seen.

    look at all the website QuitSmokingCrusher.com and interesting testimonials.

  11. There are several factors in stopping smoking including eg motivation and help from friends.
    One resource I found that succeeds in merging these is the Quit Smoking Crusher (check it out on google) definately the most helpful plan i've heard of.
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    I have been smoking weed for 10 years prior to 2019 and eventually stamped the habit out in January 2019 BUT………

    I have recently fallen back into the habit of smoking weed since the world was put in lockdown – It is the only thing that helped my body/mind accept being bored. (Poor excuse I know)

    The issue for me was really the first week or so of quitting and the main symptoms I had were:
    Accepting boredom
    Night sweats
    Night Terrors
    Brain being overactive
    Too much time on my hands (point one accepting boredom)

    In terms of the benefits:
    More sociable
    No anxiety
    More confidence
    Lost weight due to having more time for the gym and less binge eating
    More money
    More focus on work
    Understanding of other people emotions

    As you can see from the above list that I wrote in a few minutes the benefits outweigh the negatives….

    I also think stoners need to be a lot more open about the negatives I was in denial for 10 years, so was my younger sister who recently gave up and I can honestly say if you are a full-time stoner now is the time to give up.

    People that are able to control only smoking once every couple of weeks etc are in a very different situation to someone that wakes up smokes and smokes before they go to bed.
    (I believe if you are able to control it, Marijuana could actually be a positive for people to relax and shutdown – Sending your body on a holiday "I am not a scientist")

    I am stopping again on Monday and would like to hear from/support anyone that is going through the same thing…

  13. I'm gonna start to quit smoking, I got high at work and got heat exhaustion, I think maybe if I wasn't high I wouldn't have over worked myself and would have been more hydrated, anyways, the next day (which is today at the time of writing this) I wasn't able to eat anything at a time where my body needed energy the most and my mind was so annoyed and now I'm realizing that it's the withdrawal symptoms. I'm gonna quit smoking so I can be healthy and save up more money because that stuff does get expensive

  14. Any of you who are struggling to quit: talk to a therapist. Tell them about your problems and they will explain to you how weed is causing most of them. I quit weed after just one therapy session. It's only been a week but honestly the cravings are not there anymore. Only thing I'm struggling with is my loss of appetite

  15. I've been smoking up since I was 12 years old. Going on to 23 years old..

    But I quit recently because I had no choice.
    It's already been a month & 3 weeks.
    I'm doing fine tbh.
    I have a Job now and I ain't broke has I used to be when I was smoking up.

    Most of money I just keep because I don't know what to do with it, besides pay bills and help others with it.
    And I never expect nothing in return tbh. And I never buy myself anything that I like or want..
    I'm cheap to myself.
    That I don't even accept anything from anybody either.

    I just enjoy life well it last.
    And tell you the truth I don't like money.
    I just earn it and keep it and help anybody that needs money.
    Like my family or my friends.

    So if you are having a hard time quitting..
    Your not believing that you can quit.
    Your convinced that it is hard to quit.

    Tbh you can do whatever you'd like if you put your mind to it.
    Believe in yourself 😎💯

  16. I’m in the process of quitting now. I had to tell myself I’m an addict, for years I’ve made excuses to why marijuana is good and such. I don’t care what nobody say anything you feel like your feigning for is a no go. I’m 27 years old I’ve been smoking since I was 13. As a man you have to know how to stop making excuses and do it. I was repeating the same cycle every time I smoke and I’m 27 years old I’ve smoked most of teen years away now on the road to recovery I pray everybody find peace with battling with addiction. Don’t do drugs kids.

  17. I’ve got Asperger’s it helps a lot I quit for a month. I lost 20 pounds I went from 250 to 230 then I restarted after a month and a half I was pissed off and angry all the time and couldn’t sleep at night now. I’m trying to quit again and I don’t know what to do . I’ve got very bad sleeping problems,

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