State of the Harvest | What We Did to Increase Our Yield in our Weed Garden | Marijuana Harvest

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  1. Can you make a video on yeild/density and understanding nutrient intake. I am a begginer in the grow world and I would like to enhance my strategy. I've been reading George Cervantes weed bible for indoor and outdoor. I was given a plant to take care of by my girlfriend and her dad, and the book helped a great deal. The buds were sweet smelling and very sticky after flowering. I broke down two harvest to experiment the early stage and later stages of harvest, and both rocked my world with intense effect of psychoactive and seditive. I'm only missing this one factor which is yeild. If you can help in any way so I can get my buds fatter and more dense it would help a great deal. Love the vids keep it up and stay green my friend's.

  2. only if they would of taught this to me in school only if it was for 30 minutes a day instead of always being late or skipping I would of left home early to get to school!

  3. You are a drug dealer and don't care about people's health.
    Marijuana makes stupid and leads into bad decisions . The government doesn't mind stupid populations, they don't interfere in the politics. The drug and alcohol industry (Marijuana industry included) want people to use more and more. Don't go for these smart and reliable looking videos .

  4. can you make a hydro soil video? its fairly new but i can't find good info on if it works long term during flower it will be much appreciated by many as this method still has some evolving to do but the potential is great seems like a great way to grow soil plants faster but there's alot to learn like how often to change water, size pot and water temps

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