Setting up a 2X4 Grow Tent | GreenBox Grown Mini Indoor Cannabis Grow Kit

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  1. Hi there I’m a newbie I want to start grown my own for medical purpose. I got a 1000w full spectrum light led light. What size tent would you recommend? I would like to do 3-4 plants. Autos

  2. Good evening, I have a question or two I'm hoping to get some assistance with. what size text, & led would you recommend for 4-5 . 3 gallon fabric pots ? also for the carbon filter. If I don't have a window nor vent to attach it to, what alternative would you suggest ? If you can guide me, I'd really appreciate it, thank you in advance.

  3. I’m using this size tent and putting it in the closet is it possible to fit a carbon filter in there and if so can I just have it vent in the closet, I don’t have a place to exhaust it like a window or the attic

  4. I would just suggest a newer light. My Mars worked good but now the new led quantum boards would blow it up..I also understand this video is a year old.

  5. What size tent would you recommend for 2 plants? I want at least 80-100 grams per plant and what kind of light? I know it sounds like a bit much but it’s possible.

  6. Than you for the great information. What bungee cords were you referring to to get the light higher up? Because I have the same setup but i would like to get a few more inches of space. TY

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