On The Record: Medical marijuana: To legalize or not?

After it was stalled in Congress for five years, the medical marijuana bill has been refiled at the House of Representatives. Is it high time for the country to …


  1. The Government wants the common folk to pay a HUMONGOUS price for pharmaceutical medicine that could have severe side effects or might not work at all, instead of using a plant that is proven to help people with multiple illnesses and have little to no side effects, and not to mention it's not as addictive or as dangerous as cigarettes and alcohol???

    Fuck it. Our Government is insane!!!! 😠😠😠😠

  2. How can we be so dumb. Some countries made it legal already. And there are of people especially children who are choosing cannabis as a medicine. Even if it is for recreational how bad is it compared to other drugs who always been legal and have killed alot of people world wide. What the fuck are we waiting for? How did we end up so closed minded even with all the concrete evidences of how beneficial Cannabis to us? Its a fucking plant that makes hungry, happy, sleep and calm. Puta yung epeleptic nga kumakalma e and it eases the pain for cancer patients. So kung abuse ang pag gamit anong masama? Puta daming lasengero dyan nang rarape nang bubugbog, agresibo. Make your research better, yet, try one.

  3. puta bat di nalang mga nasa gobyerno kumuha ng informationsa ibang bansa para lang mapalagay sila sa sarili nila na okey itong ma legal? kahit recreational pa. mga 1rst world country nga legal e. hays. palibhasa ayaw nyo umangat tong bansa natin.

  4. kung marijuana taker ka. believe me kahit sobrang adik ka. ikaw mismo ang aayaw sa pag take nito dahil nararamdaman mo. kahit walang pakiramdam at sobrang adik na tao hindi kakayanin ang marijuana na over dose. i mean kahit sino kapa once na hindi mo na kaya titigil at tirigil ka..

  5. I had planed to visit the Philippines but this wuhan virus has stopped that activity for now. Bu I am a card carrying marijuana patient and I am concerned I will not be able to stay very long. I vote they legalize it for patients like myself and my son who has seizures . We like the idea of no pills or shots. Just use the flower or oil to easy our symptoms and anxiety. It's a great natural medication. We need it!

  6. Alak at sigarilyo ipagbawal nu Hindi ang medical marijuana kc nakakagamot ito sa may sakit. Bkit ang Canada at Netherlands Hindi naman naabuso paggamit ng marijuana kung tutuusin recreational use Pa ung ginagawa nila parang cnasabi nu wala ng pagasang pagkatiwalaan ang mga pilipino na maging desiplinado sa paggamit.. Hindi nga tau mag move forward nyan kc bawat is is is sa at in walang tiwala

  7. Thank you for the very informative discussion. Mas fruitful po sana yung arguments kung nabasa po ng maigi and draft ng bill before the show started. Sana po we focus more on the salient points of the issue:
    a. That THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol–used for recreational 'high') is much different from CBD (Cannabidiol–one for legitimate medicinal use)
    b. That there are two cannabis plant varieties and both contain CBD's and about 100 other cannabinoids.
    1. That one variety contains much THC
    2. That one contains much less THC if any. This one is legal for cultivation in the US as per Agricultural Farm Act of 2018 and has generated lots of income for farmers and revenues for the government
    c. That there is an open secret (for now) that the body not only has skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, renal, reproductive and other textbook body systems; but also the ENDOCANNABINOIDS System that is considered as responsible for the body's "BIOLOGICAL HARMONY" for it is present and plays a big role for homeostatic (well tuned-up' engine) processes in all organ systems. ENDOCANNABINOIDS, IF IMPAIRED, can lead to problematic health consequences, and this is the reason why Cannabinoids (MEDICAL CANNABIS for one) provide great relief not only to nervous system problems like pain, vomiting, mood, even autism; but could also provide relief to other problems as well: digestive, respiratory, immune, among others.
    I am so glad there is now a big wave of interest in this life-saving issue.
    My fervent wish is the government to conduct short-course program for Medical Marijuana among doctors for them to be informed much about the issue and to give them legitimate reason to prescribe MEDICAL CANNABIS (and they do this in New York and perhaps in other States.
    Again, thank you very much. I shall be an avid #OnTheRecord follower!

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