NFL player suspended for medical marijuana use

Buffalo Bills tackle Seantrel Henderson will be suspended for violating the NFL’s drug policy. He says he uses marijuana to treat his Crohn’s disease. See more at Like…


  1. crohns disease is literally the worst ever. not only are you alienated with this intestine problem and having to use washroom so much.. but you are also cursed with intense pain that makes it hard to eat. i overcame this but i still feel bad for the others dealing with it. marijuana use is the only thing that actually works unlike the garbage meds they offer you for it.

  2. So the USA had to pass a law prohibiting Alcohol and then later had to repealed prohibition…. so I'm still waiting to see the legislation that makes Marijuana illegal other than a fiat organization like the DEA criminalizing this. I mean just let the guy smoke some pot if it helps with the recovery from the pain inflicted by a hard sport like football. (FYI, pot also helps with PTSD and other issues so why the class one status?!?)

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