NEW Air Force MEDICAL WAIVER POLICIES! Marijuana use, Asthma, ADHD, Eczema

The Air Force EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY just changed their medical waiver policies for the following things; Asthma, ADHD, Eczema, and prior marijuana usage! This is a huge change for the Air Force…


  1. Can I join if I use to take medications? And if I haven’t been prescribed them in 2 years will it make a difference if I say no I haven’t had any medications

  2. Wow so… if I illegally smoke weed 1 month before joining, (and even possibly get caught by the law) then try to join the Air Force, I can get a waiver and they will accept me?

    BUT if I have ADHD and have taken prescribed Adderall (which has helped me be a proven productive, contributing and law abiding U.S. citizen), I CAN NOT get a waiver and will not be able to joined the Air Force?

    If I’m right… that’s cooked.
    Please tell me I’m wrong.

  3. Ive had 3 open heart surgeries at the age of 3 days old 3yrs old and 9months nothing since im 35 now can I still join if my drs say its ok and I have written letters saying im good

  4. I have one misdemeanor charge. It's NOT drug related. I violated probation because I admitted to smoking weed and getting drunk at a party. They placed me in a drug court program instead of throwing me in jail. I completed the program and I am now off probation. Should I be honest about my previous drug use and try to get a waiver? Could MEPS find out about drug court even though it doesn't show up on my state background check? I want to join the Navy. I am scared of getting disqualified.

  5. Does the air Force do a blood test? How do they know you've been off for 15 months? I need my medication but I can function fine without out it for a few weeks to pass bootcamp

  6. I have tricare and have been prescribed antidepressants i was told by a recuiter recently i should be off them for a year and prove im okay off them and i should be okay if i get my doctor to write a letter. And since im on tricare now they said i should disclose this info to avoid very possible repercussions. What do you think

  7. Hi Kyle I have a L5 S1 protruding disc that I might have to get surgery on and I’m trying to join the Air Force would that disqualify me to get in or I can get a waiver for it??

  8. This video pretty much brought me to tears yo. It’s been many years since I been turned away from serving my country because the history of my asthma. And this video just give me a little more hope.

  9. Can the miltary see if you had a medical marijuana card in the past or is that protected by HIPAA. Should I lie about prior use and take the chance of getting denied a waiver or be straight up

  10. Can the miltary see if you had a medical marijuana card in the past or is that protected by HIPAA. Should I lie about prior use and take the chance of getting denied a waiver or be straight up

  11. I'm so passionate about joining the Army and going to ROTC to become an officer as a career, but I've had a huge and stressful contemplation ever since I got Seborrheic Dermatitis at 10 years old. It covers my scalp and behind my ears but I really am afraid that it could be misinterpreted as Psoriasis or anything that will disqualify me, heck I don't even know if my current condition hinders me already. I've lived with it and it doesn't hurt nor do I have a need to scratch since I've lived with it for so long but I know I will be devastated to go through MEPS and be rejected on my one true passion of becoming an Enlisted Officer. I've done the ASVAB and I am an IB and Honors student but I want to serve and do what I have a keen passion in, and just because my scalp is pinkish and I have dandruff doesn't mean I don't have the ability to serve my country in an honorable way. I just wish the Army can change that, because MEPS is my only fear and that's the only thing I need to complete to join.

  12. i only called like a pre recruiter and they asked hella questions including had i ever smoked and i had but only weed and literally only 4 times in the span of like 4 months and i told my brother in the army that i’d told the recruiter this and he was like i shouldn’t have and that i might need to talk to another recruiter lol its not like it was crack or that i’d been a regular user like my neck tattoo is more likely to lessen my chances

  13. Hi all, I’m currently trying to enlist with the Air National Guard and I went to MEPS a few weeks ago and passed everything besides the depth perception test, which I failed horribly at. The MEPS doctor TDQ’d me and referred me to an ophthalmologist exam which I took 3 days ago, and was diagnosed with keratoconus in my right eye. With glasses my vision is correctable to a certain extent, and with contacts correctable to 20/30.

    After doing some research online I found keratoconus is disqualifying and the waiver approval rate is highly unlikely. My recruiter is willing(and already doing so) to go ahead and try and start a waiver process for me. I have had my doubts since then, but still a little hopeful until I get a straight up answer from the USAF/my recruiter, has anyone heard of success stories with Keratoconus?

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